digital marketing courses in bangalore with placement

Best Digital Marketing Courses

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  • digital marketing courses in bangalore with placement

    Course Duration and Certifications

    The duration of the courses ranges between 1 Month to 3 Months. The classes comprise interactive sessions including both theories as well as practical according to the current updates of the Internet Marketing Industry. All our courses are linked to Global Certifications.

    digital marketing courses in bangalore with placement

    Skilled Digital Marketing Trainers

    The Team of Trainers at Streamlyn Academy are growth-oriented individuals who have worked with multiple brands and organizations across the globe. We train the students according to the current scenario of this industry so that they stay ahead of the competition.

    digital marketing courses in bangalore with placement

    Internship and Placement

  • Stipend based internships
  • Best in-class-placements
  • Global placement partners
  • Lifetime membership of Streamlyn Talent Cell

    Streamlyn Academy is an educational institute delivering comprehensive digital marketing courses in Bangalore to industry executives, entrepreneurs, and fresh graduates. Streamlyn Academy addresses the digital transformation needs of professionals and corporations through a hybrid training module which comprises virtual sessions or classroom sessions, case studies, and real projects.

    Our Digital Marketing Courses are designed as per the current functioning of the Industry involving training the students on Multiple Tools and Channels of Digital Marketing in an Interactive manner. All the courses are taught by Digital Marketing Professionals working for Streamlyn Media.

    Located at the heart of the commercial hub in Bangalore, Streamlyn Academy’s goal is to be at the forefront of innovation and cutting-edge technology in the digital learning world.

    digital marketing training institute in bangalore

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    Streamlyn Academy

    Pioneer in Programmatic Advertisement training and the best in class academy for digital marketing training in Bangalore.

    Digital Marketing, also known as Internet Marketing or Online Marketing, is the process of promoting any product or service using digital channels, primarily the Internet. With the rapidly growing usage of the Internet, Marketing via the Internet is becoming more popular.

    Digital Marketing provides companies a better return on their investment with better reach for their campaigns at a much effective cost.

    Digital Marketing is not just a profession but has turned into a skill that will help you develop a respectable career. The skills can be applied in any field and are essential for staying ahead in your career.

    Social Media and other platforms over the internet have become the primary place to promote any business, brand, products, or services. A digital marketer takes advantage of these platforms to leverage the consumer base for the business requirements of individuals and corporations.

    Programmatic Advertisement is the automated process of buying ad inventory using audience data and insights from various sources.

    The process helps advertisers to show the most relevant advertisements to their audience at the right time and right place.

    Programmatic advertisement is the now and future of Digital Marketing. The demand for programmatic advertisement and professionals in this field across the world is rapidly increasing. Future is not that far when programmatic will be seen more across advertisements in TV and radio.

    Streamlyn Academy is the one stop solution for you. An initiative of Streamlyn Media, Streamlyn Academy is the only institute in Bangalore providing you expert knowledge in digital marketing technologies and programmatic advertising bundled with internships and 100% placement assistance after the course. Even, at Streamlyn Academy, you get to interact with many digital marketers who are working in different profiles like Video, Mobile, Text Ads, Programmatic and so on. Only in Streamlyn Academy, you learn the technology of Digital Marketing in a corporate environment.

    Benefits of our Digital Marketing Course

    It does not matter if you have just joined a college/university or are about to complete your degree irrespective of engineering, finance, or management. If you have a learning spirit and want to stay ahead of the curve, now is the perfect time for you to join the industry. With the importance of Digital Marketing skills growing at a rapid speed, learning Digital Marketing can benefit you in the following ways:

    • Skills to help you stand out of the crowd
    • Job opportunities with a good salary
    • Chance of making a passive income by working as a Freelancer
    • Huge potential for growth
    • Get an opportunity to be your own boss

    In today’s date, to survive in this competitive world, one must improve their skills and stay up to date. Digital Marketing is one of the most demanded skills. Digital Marketing is growing at a rapid pace and most businesses will be shifting to the Digital Mode of Marketing. Learning Digital Marketing can help you in the following ways:

    • Better Job Opportunities
    • Better packages as compared to your peers
    • Diversity of Work
    • Huge Potential Growth
    • Creativity

    In the current scenario, if you have a business and you are an Entrepreneur, you know how difficult marketing has become. To effectively market your brand or your products, you must shift to the online platform and adapt to Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing can support you in the following ways: -

    • Helps you improve the online presence of your business
    • Digital Marketing is cost-effective
    • You can measure the effectiveness of your marketing strategies
    • Drive more traffic to your website
    • Generate more leads for your business
    • Improve sales of your business
    • Get a better Return on Investment


    seo training in bangalore

    A comprehensive 'digital marketing' curriculum

    Transforming individuals from amateur to experts in digital marketing.

    Social Media Marketing Course in Bangalore

    Hands on with real projects

    Enabling professionals to implement classroom learning in real world settings.

    Online Marketing Course in Bangalore

    Full time trainers

    Training provided by our in-house digital marketing professionals with extensive industry experience.

    Search Engine Optimization Course in Bangalore

    Streamlyn Academy certification

    Recognition of competency and expertise in digital marketing.

    Search Engine Marketing Course in Bangalore

    Training on corporate etiquette & personality development

    Developing professional’s business acumen to interact and succeed in social and professional communities.

    Online Advertisement Course in Bangalore

    Expert assistance

    Providing certificate holders with ongoing technical assistance & support till six month after the course completion to succeed professionally.

    Streamlyn Academy
    We create Future Marketers


    Answer to all of your questions

      What is the total duration of the course?
      The total duration is 120 Hours to be completed in 3 months time.
    • What are the class timings?
    • Weekday Batches are normally scheduled after 3:00pm. Classes are conducted from Monday to Thursday. Weekend Batches are scheduled on Saturdays and Sundays from 2:00 pm.
      What is unique about the course syllabus?
      The course syllabus of Streamlyn Academy goes beyond SEO and SEM. The syllabus is in tune with the current industry requirement covering the technologies like DMP, RTB, DoubleClick etc. Please refer to the Trainings->Course Module section of our web-site for more details.
      What is the teaching methodology?
      The course is taught in a hybrid methodology comprising of class room sessions, practical sessions and live projects.
      Who are the faculty members for the course?
      All faculty members facilitating the course are permanently employed with Streamlyn Media with an experience of over 5 years in doing digital marketing for their clients worldwide. We do not have any visiting faculty members.
      What is the maximum number of students in a batch?
      We intake maximum of 10 students in a batch.
      Are online courses available?
      No. We deliver only in the classroom methodology.
      What if I miss a session?
      Backup classes will be provided after consultation with the concerned faculty member / Student advisor. This Does not involve any extra cost.
    What are the certification examinations the academy trains?
    We prepare professionals and students for the following certification examinations by Google: Google AdWords Google Analytics DoubleClick Bid Manager DoubleClick Ad Exchange
    Do I need to appear for any other examination apart from the Google examinations?
    Yes. At the end of the course, candidates need to clear the in-house examination conducted by Streamlyn Academy.
    Do Streamlyn Academy provide any certificate?
    Yes. All candidates clearing the Streamlyn Academy examination are awarded with a certification from the Academy.
    Is the certificate recognized pan India across all industries?
    Yes. All certifications are recognized pan India across all Industries.
    Do you give placement guarantee?
    No, we provide 100% placement assistance.
    How many interview options will be provided?
    Minimum 3 interview chances are provided to all Streamlyn Academy candidates.
    What is the lead time between course completion and employment?
    Normally candidates are employed within one month of the course completion.
    Is there a separate placement department in the academy?
    Yes. Streamlyn academy has a separate placement division which deals with the placement of candidates who have successfully cleared all certification examinations.
    Are corporate tie-ups possible with Streamlyn Academy?
    Yes. Corporate tie-ups are possible.
    How does corporate tie-up take place?
    The concerned organization need to contact the education centre directly
    How is Streamlyn Academy related to Streamlyn Media?
    Streamlyn Academy is an initiative of Streamlyn Media.
    In which cities Streamlyn Academy is operational?
    As of now we are based at Bangalore only.
    What all courses does Streamlyn Academy offer?
    Streamlyn Academy offers Job Oriented Digital Marketing courses only.
    Is Streamlyn Academy affiliated to any University?
    No. Streamlyn Academy is not affiliated to any University. No university affiliates short duration certificate courses.
    What is the criteria for admission at Streamlyn Academy?
    Please refer to the Trainings Enrollment section of the web-site.
    Can I Enroll for a specific module of Digital Marketing course?
    Yes. For details, please contact the education centre
    What is the process of Enrolling for the course?
    You need to contact the education centre for the Enrollment process.
    Are there any accommodation facility provided?
    Streamlyn Academy has tied-up with several good paying guest facilities. Outstation candidates can ask our student advisor for the PG facilities. The cost of accommodation has to be born by the candidates. However, candidates can also opt for their own accommodation.