Best Digital Marketing Careers as Per Your Personality

All of us live in an era where people use the internet for almost everything. Whether it is buying groceries, paying bills online, buying a gift, booking tickets for a vacation or anything as such. People log into their smartphones, laptops or tablets to conduct their business online each day.

The increasing popularity of the Internet has created a vast opportunity for companies to grow their business influence in the world of cyber-space. Now, the traditional brick-and-mortar store has changed into an online storefront, from where one can buy things within a short span of time simply by clicking a mouse button.

This condition makes one thing clear that digital marketing is a field that is currently booming. If a career change is in your list then, digital marketing career can be a great choice. The world of digital marketing is huge and offers too many job opportunities. As businesses continue to invest in their digital marketing capabilities and new marketing channels attain prominence, it is the right time to start a career in this field.

Now, while making a career choice, one’s personality traits matter a lot. Everyone’s strengths, weaknesses and traits are different from others. Someone may have interest in data-driven, analytical nature of work, whereas some may be interested in a job that involves creativity. If there is a mismatch between the two, i.e. between the individual and the career he or she chose then, there are fewer chances of having a successful career.

All of us have different personality traits from each other.

Identifying your personality will help you to find the best digital marketing jobs. But, how to get into the world of online marketing. If you are new to digital media, it can be difficult to find which digital marketing role is suitable for you. Let us first look at the skill set that is required to become a digital marketing professional.

A) If you are a detail-oriented person, jobs in SEO is right for you

Current SEO trends are very much different from the ones in 2009. Instead of worrying about keyword stuffing to a certain density, current search engine optimization trends cover everything from user intent optimization to content gap analyses, voice search, ranking a website in search engines and many more.

Therefore, a career in SEO is considered as a great choice for people who are detail-oriented. One must be well-organized and keep a record of all the initiatives. Also, a marketing professional who chooses SEO as his career must keep himself updated about the current changes taking place in this field.

B) If you are a creative person, be a content marketer

It has been found in various reports that the number of companies investing in content is increasing. This means that the number of digital marketing jobs also increases. Even better, large numbers of jobs exist within the huge world of content marketing, making it simple for anyone to find a position that is tailored to their personality and interests.

· If you are a creative writer, graphic designer, videographer or photographer, interpret your skills to content development for B2B and B2C companies

· If you have a strong strategic side, you can choose a profile of content strategist or can work as a content campaign manager

C) If you are a social animal choose a career as a social media marketer

Social media nowadays is much more than simply posting to a company’s social media pages. It is more about engagement through social networks. For example, B2C companies may prioritize engagement and influencer outreach in their social media activities, whereas a digital marketer working in a B2B company considers social media as a troubleshooting and customer support medium. In either case, as a social media expert, your job is to act as the organization’s voice and to uphold its standards in all the communications with customers and prospects.

D) If you have an analytical nature then, choose digital advertising

If you have strong numerical skills then, digital advertising analytics can be a rewarding career for you. The world of digital marketing offers large numbers of opportunities to showcase your talent in analytics. If you are good at getting insights from data, writing case studies then, the career options in this field are endless. Managing digital marketing campaigns is an interesting prospect nowadays, as the campaign technology is growing fast.

What Type of Person is Best-Suited for a Career in Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is rapidly expanding and an evolving career path. As more channels of communication are being discovered, the need for qualified and skilled people for a digital marketing role is also rising. If we consider the personality types that are suitable for excelling as a digital marketing specialist then, these are the qualities that one needs to possess:

· Passionate: The person must have an innate curiosity and desire to make
· Innovative: The person must think out-of-the-box and should come up with new and creative ideas of attracting new clients.
· Patient: Someone who is new in the digital marketing field must know it is at times a trial-by-error procedure. They must be patient during the entire process.
· Strong listening skills: A successful digital marketing manager is one who listens to what the customers have to say. This helps in building a strong relationship. If a customer is not responding well, as a digital marketing expert you must figure out the reason behind it.
· Goal-oriented: To succeed in digital marketing it is significant to set certain goals, both long-term and short-term and work hard to achieve those objectives.

How to get started with the best digital marketing jobs of 2019

Hopefully, the suggestions discussed above have given you a clear picture of a digital marketing role and career opportunities in digital marketing. Still, if you have doubts, ask these questions to streamline your choices:

A) How much are you planning to spend on learning a new trade? Like for instance, take social media which all of us use to some extent in our daily lives. Translating these skills to a career is a different prospect compared to learning something new, mainly in the case of technical digital marketing, like digital advertising analytics.

B) How much money do you want to earn? To achieve success in a digital marketing role, two things are required: in-demand skill set and capability to solve problems. Social media specialists and content creators, for instance, are booming. It is those individuals who have carved out exclusive niches within their fields and learned to organize their skills in such a manner that helps businesses make a huge amount of money.

C) Where are you planning to work? Are you interested in working for a digital marketing agency when you are ready to join the digital marketing team? Are you interested in freelancing? Do you want a part-time or full-time job?

It is better to research the most common work situations in those specializations that you are considering. This will help you to find whether the positions in the future will match your expectations or not.

Once your research is completed and you have decided to choose a digital marketing career then the next thing to do is to get trained in digital marketing. There are various online as well as offline sources available for seeking digital marketing training.

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