How to Use Content Marketing For Improving Traffic

Are you facing difficulties in attracting visitors and clients with your content marketing attempts? No worries, there are many like you. Most of the bloggers do not know how they can attract clients through content. Here, we are going to discuss a few content marketing hacks to improve traffic, so that you can boost your search traffic and attract more customers for your business.

If you follow these content marketing you will definitely:

  1. Attract more customers
  2. Boost your email list size
  3. Generate valuable comments
  4. Promote repeat visitors to your blog
  5. Build branding

And much much more…..

Content Marketing Hacks to Improve Traffic

Brainstorm viral ideas-

Think of viral ideas- Have you ever thought about what makes a few ideas viral, whereas others just go unnoticed? The answer is content that evokes emotions like fear, anger, pain, loss, laugher, and so on gets maximum shares. When your content makes people cry or laugh or if they find something knowledgeable, they are more likely to share your idea on social media.

Those days are gone long back when we used to focus on generating content that appealed to Google and other search engines. Currently, your focus should be to create content that is informative, helpful, and to which your audience can connect emotionally.  That is the point when they will help you to spread your message.

It is not possible to come up with a viral idea every single time, but a few viral ideas in a month will help you to attract lots of customers and leads to your business. This means that you must come up with something that will help you to stand unique in the crowd or your content marketing strategy will suffer.

Now, are you thinking about how to find topics for viral content? Simple. Just answer these questions:

  • Do you have a trending idea that people will be interested to know?
  • Is your idea hilarious?
  • Can your idea result in controversy?
  • Can you post attractive images, videos, or infographics?

Keep in mind that a content marketing strategy with a positive flavor will fetch good results online. When you consistently elicit positive emotions, people will naturally get attracted to you.

Use the right keywords-

This is one of the most important content marketing hacks to improve traffic. If you find that your content is not driving results, then it might be because you are not targeting the right keywords. For your content to rank in search engine results, you must target relevant keywords related to your content.

To get started with this content marketing hack, you must conduct keyword research. For this, you can always use a keyword research tool, like for example, KeywordsFX. This tool helps to find relevant terms for your content.

So, let’s take an example. Let us assume that you own a fashion apparel brand and want to write a blog about popular fashion magazines. When you start searching that keyword, you will find dozens of keywords that must be included in the content.

Keyword research helps you to find relevant terms, so people who search for those terms will find your content.

While searching for keyword options, make sure you focus on long-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords are those that contain three or more words, like for example, “best fashion magazine.”

These keywords are more specific, so they can attract qualified traffic to your site. People who search these keywords have a high search intent, which means they are likely to have an interest in your business.

Once you select your keywords, make sure you integrate them into your content. As you include them, don’t overuse them as it will be keyword stuffing, which Google does not support.

Write in-depth articles-

It is a plain and simple fact that Google loves in-depth articles. Your target audience loves them too. The term, “in-depth” means giving careful consideration to all the aspects and details of a subject. This means that you research your topic thoroughly and curate a 2000+ word article. Several studies have proved that articles of 2000  or more words perform very well in the search results.

Therefore, by consistently publishing in-depth articles as part of your marketing strategy, you will not just improve your search rankings and traffic, but you will get more social shares too.

Optimize your title tag and meta description-

Next in our list of content marketing hacks to improve traffic is optimizing your meta title and meta description.

A title tag is the first thing that people see when you rank in the search engine result page. Customers determine what your content is all about by seeing the title tag and it helps them decide whether they want to read further or not. If your title tag is not informative or eye-catching, then users won’t click.

A meta description is another important component of your listing in search engine results. Your customers look at your meta description to get an idea about your content. It should define the page’s content so that the users are forced to click.

When you write your meta description, try to give a small description of what they are going to read after they click. You must keep it within 155 characters.

Craft catchy headlines-

If you want to capture the attention of your audience, then you must pay serious attention to your headlines. Remember, you have hardly 8 seconds to grab the attention of your readers before they go to your competitors.

Always keep in mind that every piece of content creation has just one purpose- to make the reader read the entire blog or article. This is why you need catchy headlines that force your readers to click and read.


Including a call to action is one of the content marketing hacks to improve traffic. Many often neglect this one, but make sure you do not commit the same mistake. When people start engaging with your content and want to purchase your products or services, it is important to offer them an actionable CTA. If you fail to offer them an attractive Call-to-Action (CTA), they will be confused about how to move ahead and will probably visit another site.

You can either use a written CTA in the text or design CTA buttons to inform people how they can proceed. If you use a CTA button, make use of an informative phrase to let users know what happens next.

Sharing your content-

When you curate content, you will have people find your content by conducting searches- but you do not need to depend solely on the searches to help customers find your content. If you have a social media marketing or email marketing plan, you can use those mediums to promote your content.

Promoting your content through other channels helps you to improve traffic on your blogs. Also, you create opportunities for customers who already like your brand to share your content with people they know, which can in turn increase traffic on your website.

While creating content manually, make your content easily shareable so that users can easily share it on their own.

Just like headlines, you can do A/B testing your CTA buttons to ensure that you are creating a button that users will click. You can test things like button color or button text.

Keep updating your old content-

Our last content marketing hack is to update the old content. Your business and industry keep on changing. Similarly, information also changes, so you must deliver the most up-to-date information in your content.

Updating content is one of the most ignored content marketing hacks to improve traffic. Many businesses follow the “set it” and “forget it” approach. However, the reality is that articles or blogs with old information will ultimately drop the rankings as more blogs offer updated information.

If you want to maintain your rankings, update your old blogs. Ensure the statistics, the procedure, and the information mentioned is right. Deliver the most current information to your target audience so that when they visit your website, they stay there for a longer time.

Updating your content is good for Google also. Your rankings will improve when you have more right information as it will fit the search intent better.

Do you know any other content marketing tips improve traffic? If so, please let us know.

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