Content Marketing Trends To Watch In 2019

There is an old saying, “Content is king”. That is applicable to all the businesses who are trying to reach and inform their clients about themselves, products or services. For marketing strategies to work, there must be something that initially draws the attention of the target audience. 

During the old days, content was a source of entertainment. People did not see the commercials on television for enjoyment but saw because they were combined with the content that engaged them, like for example documentaries, TV series and news broadcasts.

Today, in the digitized world, content has the same importance. By considering content as an important part of b2b marketing, businesses can improve their success ratio. The value of successful content marketing and usefulness is increasing; thanks to the new developments made in search algorithms and tweaks.

As content marketing continues to grow, these content marketing trends will outline the way organizations develop a piece of content.

1. Value is the primary goal:

Content marketing is about offering meaningful curated content. However, the explanation of meaning can differ. During the past, filler content was acceptable as search engine algorithms considered basic parameters, like for instance, how many times a keyword is used. Therefore during the earlier days, websites were overstuffed with keywords just to seek the attention of the search engines.

Today, obviously, things have changed. Search engines are much smarter, and you might end up paying penalties for this kind of wrong practice. In order to build an audience that follows you, it is very important to write informative and reliable content that will ultimately make them purchase your product or service. Whatever the type of content it may be, it must have value, which can be categorized into three types depending on the benefits it offers to your target audience.

o Useful: Useful content assists customers to attain a goal. When a content marketing professional writes a piece of content, it creates value for the business. It is said that with the right content strategy, customers build trust and loyalty with the brand.

o Entertainment: The importance of engaging content should not be underestimated. Just think how much fun you have while interacting and sharing funny videos or memes, how you share your content with millions all over the globe to make it viral. Trying to develop a viral content that has worldwide entertainment value is a difficult task. So, don’t focus on going viral rather focus on engaging your audience with informative content and right calls to action.

o Informative: Informative content generates value by education. Here, the objective is not focused on customer experience or to help him/her attain a certain goal in the way how a tutorial or guide does. Here, the motto is to teach the customer something new or interesting that he or she may use in the future.

2. Right distribution of content is always vital:

Once content marketers write a piece of content, where are they sharing it matters a lot. Does the audience know where they can find it? It is very important for businesses to have a social media presence, a user-friendly website to build brand awareness. They should ensure that the content also gets the same attention what their marketing efforts get.

As a business owner, if you find that your customers are coming back to you for your informative and useful content, ensure that you continue doing the same to impress them. Create a place where your audience can find all your live videos, articles, and other pieces of content. Following that, do some marketing to inform your targeted customers about it.

3. Content marketing is the new-age marketing:

It was still a few years ago when marketers considered content as a side project. Brands used to collaborate with famous personalities for promoting their products or services. However, things have changed now.

Nowadays, marketers are investing their time and energy in influencer marketing. Why? Because nowadays customers trust the recommendations from a third-party. How does it work?

The influencers will develop content about your company, products and services and share it with their own set of followers. This will enhance the popularity of your brand and drive traffic to your site. However, the impact and success of an influencer marketing campaign are based on the communication between you and the influencer.

If you are confused about which one to choose between influencer marketing and content marketing, here’s the answer. Both content marketing and influencer marketing go hand in hand. Do proper research, find out who is a suitable influencer for your brand. Develop the most informative and engaging content that will motivate your target audience.

4. Content marketing is changing the relationship with customers:

Content marketing is nowadays considered as a big player in the digital marketing world. Digital Marketers define it as a strategic approach to create and distribute reliable and informative content for attracting the audience.

Content marketing has become such a vital part of the digital marketing world because it helps to build a relationship between the consumer and the brand. While the ultimate result of content marketing is often sales related, it is the relationship that is formed with the customer that drives the action.

5. Content marketing departments are expanding:

As digital marketing is growing at a fast pace, most of the businesses are building a digital marketing team that includes content writers, Search Engine Optimizers, Social Media Marketers and many more. There are plenty of options when it comes to a writing career in digital marketing. One can be an in-house content writer or can choose among the various freelancing opportunities available.

As content plays a vital role in attracting traffic, the importance of original content is going to increase in the future. In this competitive digital world of attractive infographics, engaging videos, interactive quizzes, content marketing team needs to grow as a different department altogether that will include writers, photographers, graphic designers and their own web developers to generate high-quality work.

6. SEO integration is still vital:

Some of you may think that with the growing importance of content, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not crucial in 2019. A good piece of content helps in engaging your customers and good SEO practices help those customers find your piece of content when they ask a query in the search engine.

While SEO is important for users who are using desktops and laptops but in the near future more emphasis will be placed on optimizing the content for voice search.

7. Social Media is the best choice for sharing content:

Social media is an important communication tool that helps businesses connect and advertise their brands with customers across the globe. If you want to attract more traffic from social media, you need to implement certain strategies that will motivate more and more people to share your content online.

Every day a lot of content is published online. If you want to be unique then, your content should be the best! Strategies like preparing a content calendar, writing long posts, seeking help from the right influencers, optimizing your content for social media sharing etc. helps in increasing the social media shares.

One thing that should never be underestimated is the “quality of the content.” When you write high-quality content, you will find both new and repeated users visiting your website.

Want to put these content marketing trends of 2019 into a test? If so, building a career in content marketing is the best option. Having a desire to become a content marketer is different from putting that desire into practice. To have a successful content marketing career, you require to work on specific skills. Few of them are:

o Start working on your writing skills
If you are new to content marketing, it will be better to start with a copywriting job or anything that involves a lot of writing in it. This will improve your writing skills.

o Work on your research skills
A writer can very well explain to you the importance of research. A piece of writing which is written without much research can hamper the reputation of the writer. Research not only means to find relevant information and statistics, but it also signifies researching about your target customers.

o Be creative
There are many who believe that creativity is a type of innate skill. However, this is not true. While some people have more inclination towards creative endeavours compared to others, a creative side can be developed. Start reading books, write poetry, do painting-anything that you enjoy doing.

o Enrol in courses that help you to be successful
Right marketing course can help you go a long way in your career. When employers realize that you have undergone digital marketing training from a reputed training institution, like Streamlyn Academy in Bangalore, they give you preference compared to other candidates who have applied for the same job.
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