Content Writing Tips for Better Conversion Driven Marketing Campaigns

Conversion-oriented writing attracts the readers and forces them to take the required action. It converts visitors to leads, leads to customers, and ultimately customers to fans.

Great content along with conversion optimization plays a vital role in making content marketing success. How fast and easily are you able to get readers to opt an email list, read blog posts or share your content will decide the number as well as the quality of leads generated for a marketing campaign.

Content is considered as the base of online marketing campaigns, and that is the reason why focusing on the best content writing tips is very important for running result-oriented marketing campaigns.

In a creative field, writing usable content decides the connection between the audience and then ultimately increase conversions. Listening to a favourite song and reading what a writer has written is very similar.

There are times when you don’t care about the song if the lyrics do not connect with your emotions; the same is applicable when you read a guest post or anything.

There is no doubt in saying that content writing plays a vital role in marketing success for B2B companies.

As per the reports by the Content Marketing Institute, over 90% of B2B companies depend on content marketing efforts for promoting their brand.

Content will set up the entire design of the site and help to drive traffic to your site. A well-planned content marketing strategy affects the search engine results and the total traffic on your web page as well. Both quantity and quality determine the efficiency of your content for the growth of your business.

But how can you improve yourself in writing copy that is conversion-oriented? Here are a few tricks using which you can create great content that will drive traffic and increase conversions.

1) Begin with proper keyword research:

There are many writers who do not use relevant keywords while writing content. This is disappointing. Ultimately, they lose the track and hence becomes a matter of concern. Basically, keyword research means:

· Searching relevant keywords using tools like Keyword Explorer by Moz, AdWords Keyword planner and many more.

· Include those keywords for best writing.

2) Tell the important thing in the first paragraph:

As per a Microsoft study of 2,000 individuals, the average attention span of an individual is eight seconds. When a reader visits your website, you have a few seconds to grab his or her attention. Apart from the obvious reasons like improving the website’s speed etc., another way to do so is to follow an inverted pyramid style of writing.

Include the most important information in the first paragraph. You must have noted that some of the top media sites follow this tactic. For instance, Daily Mail writes a summary under the headline, but before byline.

3) Do not overstuff keywords:

Make sure you do not overstuff keywords. No doubt that keywords make your content valuable and search engine friendly, but you should not overuse it in your content because this will make it look monotonous and less credible for Google and readers. Overuse of keywords will ultimately result in decreasing the number of page views along with conversion rate and SERPs ranking.

Readers will start losing interest in your writing and the search engines may also bring down your domain. This is one of the important suggestions given by famous writers and bloggers like for example, Kristina Halvorson. Remember, nowadays search engines have become smarter and Google identifies what is the page all about.

4) Try to use images instead of words:

Research proves that the mind of human beings’ processes visuals faster compared to texts. As a content writer, use this to your benefit by sharing your ideas through images wherever possible.

For instance, rather than using a traditional “blog” link, use a unique image that redirects to your blogs. Made of bold colours, the visuals perform much better compared to a text link. It is suggested that if you want to highlight something, utilize visual elements instead of subtle text.

5) Gain knowledge on latent semantic indexing:

Working on latent semantic indexing is the next important step after keyword research. It is through latent semantic indexing that search engines understand the relationship among various words on the web page.

You should focus on secondary keywords also as they increase the ranking of your site on the search engine and your site will ultimately attract huge traffic. It is an important step for those who want to write content marketing examples like an expert. Also, keep the current content marketing trends in mind while writing.

6) Focus on value over processes:

Your content can be either process-oriented, like for example, “sign up today for my joining our digital marketing course” or your writing can be value-oriented too, like for instance, “increase the chances of getting a job with our course.”

The former is an activity whereas the latter explains what value is created by the activity.

As you must be aware that customers give more importance to value than process. An attractive headline that guarantees to help customers to get more traffic and shares is more attractive than one that just teaches them how to use a social media channel.

7) Avoid ambiguity:

Which among the two headlines for an ad campaign would you prefer using? 1) Learn how I captured hundreds of leads or 2) Learn how I captured 2500 leads in 1 month?

Though both the headlines depict the same concept, most individuals would like the second headline as the message is specific. Instead of focusing on “thousands of leads”, it tells the exact number and the time frame within which it can be achieved. Exactness is important for building trust.

8) Utilize questions for guiding the readers:

Questions are used as weapons by writers. They work well for conversion-focused writing because they put a question and offers the readers a chance to respond. Asking questions keeps readers hooked into the content.

9) Make your content readable:

One of the important things in a content strategy is to increase the readability of your content and attract their attention. To do this, you need to use a colon, start writing from the next line. In terms of copywriting, it is known as “bucket brigade”, i.e. breaking down a simple idea into several lines so that the interest of readers remains intact.

Bucket brigades prove beneficial when used in article introductions. They inform the readers about what the article is all about in just a glance. Moreover, a bucket brigade makes the content unique and makes it simple to read, which is important for better engagement.

10) Create a sensation among your readers:

No matter how many factors we discuss, this is the most significant content writing tip. There are a lot of factors that decide the efficiency of content like for example, timing, brand identity and so on, but your content must have an emotional touch in it if your motto is to make it viral.

11) Get into your competitor’s shoes:

Another important tip required for making successful campaigns is doing thorough research before you start writing. Analyze the content of your competitor’s content and have a look at these things:

· Industry lingo is used by them
· Their tone? Is it serious or funny?
· The type of content. Is it a newsletter or a blog post? Know their position online and try to do better than them.

12) Choose action-packed words:

Your work should have some power and you must choose words for emphasizing the action.

While looking for content writing tips for beginners, this tip will be the most effective one in knowing how to write content writing samples by developing an emotional bonding with the readers.

If you ask professionals for content writing tips, they might suggest avoiding passive voice in the content. Let us take an example, we write in active voice, “the lion killed the man” and the same thing we write in passive voice as “the man was killed by the lion.”

When we compare these two sentences, the second one is less energetic whereas the first one is totally packed with action.

13) Edit after writing:

Don’t worry if your first draft is not perfect. You should not worry about this while writing. Start editing once you are done with your writing. For best results, use tools like Hemingway and Grammarly.

Editing makes the final copy more emphatic and error-free, which ensures flawless communication with the readers. Therefore, editing your copy after writing and before publishing is considered important. While writing, use simple words, no long sentences and short paragraphs.

14) Keep the best SEO practices in mind:

In order to increase traffic to your site, you cannot simply repeat your keywords. Rather try to make it a right fit in the content. You should not ruin the overall meaning of the content by excessive use of irrelevant keywords.

15) Write good title tags and meta descriptions:

You must have noticed a blue ink that appears when you make a search on a search engine. This is known as the title tag and the description which appears below that is called meta description. An ideal title should be of 50 to 60 characters and meta description should be between 120 to 158 characters.

· Your title tag should have your primary keyword
· The meta description should be such that it attracts the readers to your post
· Follow the character count strictly

16) Use social media to measure your success:

You must check the impact of your work. There are various ways to do so.

. Google Analytics- You should learn how to use Google Analytics as most of the websites are connected to it and it offers a detailed analysis too.
. Social media promotions- You should keep an eye on how your content is performing on social media. You must keep an eye on every action of yours.

If you find that your content is underperforming then, you must brush up your copywriting skills. You should work on messages that you share online and ensure you write thoughtful content for sharing.

17) Use a catchy Call-to-action (CTA):

You should use exact and catchy call-to-action messages. If your motto is to make your readers do some action then messages like subscribe, sign up for the newsletter, watch the video will be beneficial.

Be clear in your CTA’s what you want your readers to do. Focus on that specific action and try to put it inside a button with a different colour or font. There are many who do not understand what will happen after one click CTA. This should be avoided.

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