Detailed Guide to Write a Digital Marketing Resume

Nowadays, building a great impression on employers at first instance is becoming more significant than ever. The competition for finding a great job is increasing day by day. You must stand out in all the ways for getting the best job in the market. 

Do you want to apply for a digital marketing position, but facing a hard time in selling yourself to the recruiters? Don’t get disheartened, there are many like you. There are many who struggle to come up with a good digital marketing cv even though their work involves creating impressive ads, ad campaigns and attractive brand messages to ultimately make their customers buy products and services.

If you are struggling hard to find a digital marketing job then, focus on making a great digital marketing resume. Even though you don’t feel it, the job search has a lot to do with how you market or promote yourself through your marketing cv. The stronger your resume will be, the greater will be the chance of finding the right job.

Here is a guide on how to write effective digital marketing resume using which you can apply for positions like digital marketing managers, digital marketing specialists etc.

A) Choose your focus while writing a resume for digital marketing fresher:

Before you start writing your marketing resume, it is very important to decide your purpose. As an online marketer, if you are planning to start an SEO campaign or designing a landing page then, at first you need to determine your target audience and what are the goals that you are trying to achieve.

Without knowing these factors, your marketing efforts will not give you positive results.
Your CV acts as marketing material for a job search, therefore it is important to know your audience and the purpose of writing a resume.

You must ask yourself:

1) What are the roles you are planning to apply for?
Digital marketing includes a wide spectrum of activities; therefore, you must be clear about which role are you applying for, even before you start writing a CV.

For instance, you may be applying for the below mentioned digital roles:

1. SEO specialist: This role mainly deals with search engines and focuses on generating organic traffic
2. Email marketer: The role involves increasing the sales through email campaigns
3. Digital marketing manager: In this role, you will be responsible for handling the entire digital marketing campaigns of the company.
4. Social media marketer: Under this role, you will be responsible for improving the social media presence of a company along with running social media campaigns.

B) Tailor content keeping your target audience in mind:

Do proper research and have a look at your favourite brand’s content and voice tone before applying for that profile (in the same way you would research your target audience). The hiring manager will not only be looking for an experienced candidate who can handle the role, but they also look for the best fit for the company. Now how would you prove yourself that you are a good fit?

These days most of the job specifications will reflect the company’s tone. You should highlight the phrases and keywords they use and try to include those in your CV. For instance, if they are looking for a B2B experience, you should highlight your B2B experience.

Similarly, if they are looking for someone who is good at making a marketing strategy then, you must write your CV accordingly. If you have experience in lead generation then, ensure that you mention the total number of leads generated by you in your previous companies.

Don’t forget to include a cover letter along with your resume. If the company is looking for an expert in online marketing who has a fun element inside him then, your cover letter should have a little fun, but keep it professional, of course.

It is said by many HR’s that while applying for the role of a digital marketing expert, one should tailor the digital marketing specialist resume to the specific role they are applying for, copy the job specification’s language, find the keywords that are mentioned in the job specification and include those in the resume. The recruiter might have probably written the job specifications, so when they see the same tone and language then they will automatically pay their attention.

C) Keep your resume clean and simple:

Creating an easy-to-read and clear digital marketing cv will make you look like a professional digital marketer. Make sure while designing a resume, the format and the font that you use is consistent and clean.

You should keep the focus on you, the experience you have, your areas of expertise and the message that you want to convey to the recruiter. Avoid messy designs as it can distract the reader. Break your points with bullet points and use bold headings.

Although it may be tempting to use different formatting tools to improve your digital marketing executive cv or for any role, this can make it tough for the hiring company to upload the resume on their database. It is suggested to use MS Word.

D) Identify your value and communicate it properly:

Your mission statement is an important thing that you need to mention in your CV. Use it as your personal tagline. It will create the first impression on the recruiter and as it is said, the first impression is the last impression. It is the best chance to communicate about your selling point to the recruiter.

Are you thinking how can you showcase your unique selling point in one or two lines? You can by getting creative. If you are a data scientist, don’t simply say you are a data scientist.

Think, instead, write the same thing in a creative way. Let the recruiter understand the value that you can bring to the company.

E) Spell check and proofread:

In a job resume, typos are a big no. On a digital marketing manager cv, it is unforgivable. In the world of digital marketing, where communication and grammar play a vital role, one cannot make mistakes in these.

You will never dare to update a copy on the website or send a newsletter to a client without getting it to proofread by a colleague because a small mistake can ruin your brand’s reputation. Similarly, one cannot make mistakes while writing a CV as it will be a bad reflection on the work a candidate will do during his/her job.

F) Market your talent as you would market a product:

The job of a digital marketer is to sell a product or service online. So, the recruiter will think that if you are not able to market yourself then, how can you market their company’s products and services? You should take it as an opportunity to showcase the unique talents you have. You can use hyperlinks to the work that you have done previously, i.e. link to websites that you have designed, social media pages that you were handling and many such things.

G) Be specific, mention the numbers and name them:

While writing the cv for the role of a digital marketing executive, you must be specific about the successes that you have achieved during your previous work. For mentioning this, you must think in terms of metrics, percentages, figures and KPI’s. This will show the recruiters that you have knowledge in this domain, and it will be the correct decision to hire you in their team.
For instance, if you have ever worked on reducing the cost per lead of an online advertising campaign then, you should mention the name of that campaign, the percentage of the cost reduced, and the time period in which you achieved this.

Try to add a few words about how you achieved your target and tell how it was beneficial for the company. Follow this format for all the digital transformation achievements, but keep it concise, short and to the point with bullet points.

If you have worked for a digital marketing agency earlier then, it is recommended to highlight this by using a table. What will this do? It will attract the reader’s attention to that area.

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