Who Is Eligible To Do A Digital Marketing Course

Gone are the days when businesses used traditional marketing for advertising and business promotions. Nowadays, to achieve business goals, a blend of both conventional and digital marketing is required. As digital marketing continues to dominate the world, companies are integrating data-driven marketing tactics in their digital marketing campaigns to achieve the best ROI.

Online marketing is not just placing the same ad online or on social media platforms or generating brand impressions. It requires different strategies and an understanding of how the entire thing works. Organizations are in search of digital marketing professionals with expertise in digital marketing methodologies. Nowadays, the demand for marketing professionals is more, but there are very few experienced professionals in the market. Due to this situation, the salaries of digital marketing experts has been increased making it a lucrative career choice.

Who can learn Digital Marketing?

Are you interested in building a digital marketing career, but don’t know whether you are eligible or not? Here is a list of people who can learn digital marketing.

A) Undergraduate students: Aspirants willing to join a digital marketing program after 12th must clear 10+2 from a recognized school.

B) Postgraduate students: Students who want to pursue a digital marketing course must be a graduate from any discipline.

C) Bloggers: Bloggers who want to attract more visitors to their website through their writing can apply for a digital marketing course.

D) Entrepreneurs: Entrepreneurs who want to spread awareness about their brand through a digital medium must learn digital marketing and implement the same. 

E) BTech & MBA students: Students who are looking for jobs after completing their MBA or BTech can take digital marketing classes.

F) YouTube channel owners: Nowadays, YouTube channel marketing is booming. There are many who are doing an excellent job through creating their own video and uploading it on YouTube. If you want to enhance your YouTube marketing, learn digital marketing.

G) Freelancers: Freelancers who want to take their digital marketing skill to the next level can opt for a digital marketing course.

Students can be from any discipline like they can be a marketing graduate, commerce graduate or graduate in any stream. An engineer, IT professional, entrepreneur or anybody who wants to learn digital marketing can enroll in digital marketing training.

There are some digital marketing courses that are meant only for interns or working professionals, and not for graduate students or freshers. Such type of courses needs a minimum of 2 years of work experience. However, generally, a digital marketing course is inclusive and do not consider work experience as an eligibility criterion.

Additional requirements

1. Tech-savvy- As digital marketing includes working with online media and advanced digital technologies, it is vital for the aspirants to be tech-savvy. One should have basic knowledge about digital media so that they can understand how different online platforms work.

2. Strong communication skills- Although communication skills do not play a vital role during the course, but it is very important when you enter into the professional world. Strong written and oral communication skills along with a strong understanding of grammar are vital for a flourishing career in digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Course includes
· SEO:
1. On-Page & Off-Page SEO Practices
2. How to use HTML, URL, Meta title, tags, images and H1
3. Understanding the concepts of HTML Sitemaps and crawling of XML
4. Learning Anchor text, robots.txt

· Social Media:
1. Know social media & its importance
2. Evolution of social media channels
3. Current Social Media Marketing trends
4. How to choose relevant social media channel for marketing your business

· Email Marketing:
1. Basic of Email marketing
2. How does Email marketing work
3. Case study
4. What is a mailing list?
5. How to organize mailing list for Email marketing

· Content Marketing:
1. Content Marketing synopsis
2. Basics of Content marketing
3. Career options for Content Marketers
4. How to do blogging
5. Benefits of blogging
6. How to earn through blogging

· Search Engine Marketing:
1. Introduction to PPC
2. What are PPC ads and Search Engine Advertising
3. What is a search engine & how it works?
4. Search engine optimization
5. How to create compelling PPC ads and what are the benefits

· Programmatic Advertising:
1. What is programmatic Advertising
2. Why it is considered as the “Future of Digital Marketing”
3. Benefits of Programmatic Advertising

If you enroll for random digital marketing courses, you might get certified, but you will not attain complete knowledge about this field. It will not help you in your career.

So, are you wondering what are the factors that should be considered before joining a digital marketing course? Don’t worry, we have the right solution. Here are a few factors that you must keep in mind while choosing a digital marketing course.

O Training- Practical classes and assignments
Before you join a digital marketing training institute, you should get some idea on their training methodology, like the assignment procedures, projects etc. Digital marketing is much more than what is mentioned in books and taught in training sessions. Assignments and projects are a must-have in a digital marketing course. Look out for these vital elements in the course before you choose one.

O Training Institute- Join a reputed digital marketing training institute
Most of the people ignore this factor while choosing an institute, but it is something that can bring a major difference in your career. Now, how would you find out whether the institute is a reputed one or not?

· Age of the institution- This is an important factor. You should know since how long the institution has been providing digital marketing training to students. Find out what milestones have they achieved in their respective field.
· Alumni profile- Find out how are the passed out students doing in their career at present, where are they placed etc.

O Subject Matter Experts or trainers
As the practices in Digital Marketing keeps on changing, it is very important that the Subject Matter Expert or the trainers are well-versed with current digital marketing trends. It would be great if trainers can teach through examples of live projects on which they are currently working. This will give students a chance to get a hands-on-experience on an ongoing project.

O Syllabus
Do your homework properly before joining. What are you planning to learn? This is a vital question that you should ask yourself before you start your marketing career. Have a look at the syllabus or course plan of the institute. Are they covering all the important topics in Digital Marketing? If possible, compare their syllabus with other digital marketing institutes and find whether they teach as per the current job scenario. Make an informed decision after going through the course curriculum.

O Course medium-Offline vs Online
Decide whether you want to opt an online course or an institute that offers offline digital marketing course. Both the modes have their own advantages and disadvantages, so choose one based on your requirements and convenience.

Look for the different options available to you and choose one that fits your preferences in the best way. You might want to enroll for a course that provides a perfect balance of both the mediums. If so, digital marketing course by Streamlyn Academy is the right choice.

Here, you will learn:

1. Basics of digital marketing
2. Data Analytics
3. Web development and blogging
4. Creative designing
5. Campaign management
6. Programmatic Advertising
7. Trafficking and tracking
8. Different digital advertising channels
9. Search Engine Marketing
10. Search Engine Optimization

Are you ready to take the step?
Digital marketing is a demanding and satisfying career option. If you want to build a career in this field then, enroll in the best digital marketing class and be a successful digital marketer. Right investment in learning always gives the best return on investment.
Happy Learning!

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