Few Content Creation Apps You Must Start Using Now

Is writing your passion?

It is one of the best tools you have at your fingertips that can be used for advertising an online business.

So, it must be good.

You should write a persuasive copy that will keep the readers engaged, and ultimately encourage them to buy the product or service.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could curate content faster without affecting its quality?

Here are a few popular content creation apps that will make content creation easier and simpler. These apps can help in everything including generating new content ideas, writing content and ultimately in promoting them too.

Let’s start.

1. Generating content ideas

This is the most difficult step for a content writer. Readers get bored if they read the same old content writing tips or repeated topics. Every time they expect something new and unique. Without a catchy topic, it will be difficult for you to attract new readers. So, here are a few apps that can help you out.

2. Feedly

This app offers a regular inspiration for unique content ideas.  In almost every field, new things keep on happening. But as a content writer, it is not possible from your end to browse millions of websites to search for interesting news. This takes too much of time. This is where Feedly can help you! This web app collects news from various websites altogether in one place. As a user, you can choose the sources and categorize the news as per topics. After this, you must log in and all the news come to you under one roof. Now, among those, you can choose the trendy topic and start writing.

3. Mindnote

There are times when people expect to find material solutions to the issues about which they read. So, one of the best ideas to find an interesting topic is to find a new and extraordinary product.  Then, the rest is very simple- start writing the article by focusing on the issue, suggest a solution, and talk about the product that can sort out things. This app is the best one to use this method.

4. ContentGems

The app puts together a certain type of news in one regular email. You can select the topics of interest and a list of blogs that come straight to your inbox. This is a great way to come up with a good topic daily. ContetGems puts together a certain type of news in one single daily email. You can choose the topics of your interest and the articles will hit your inbox.

5. FAQFox

It is a great place for finding out what topics maximum people are searching for online. FAQ Fox collects information from different websites. Here’s how the whole thing works- users type a term, hit the search option and choose the sites that they want to track. Next, the platform shows questions and answers associated with that specific term. Writers can spot unsatisfactory replies and write a qualitative article on that topic.  Using this method, readership is guaranteed!

6. Creativity Portal

Creativity Portal is popular for helping the writers and other artists guide about creativity. It offers inspirational materials- articles, posts, e-journals, and so on.

How can you use this platform?

First, you must read the topics of your interest and utilize them for information, inspiration or for checking their writing style.

The only thing that you should be careful about is to avoid plagiarism.

Writing better content

These days marketing is a type of autopilot. But writing still needs a human mind.  And, you can never imagine how exhausting this could be!

Luckily, smart people have discovered various content creation apps that help writers to research, curate, and edit the content.

7. Papersgear

Proofreading takes some energy and time. Would not it be better to begin writing the next article rather than editing the one which is already completed?

In such cases, you just need expert editors who are willing to check and improve the content. The app has a great team with experienced employers who can help you in publishing nothing, but perfect articles. In addition, if you need any kind of help in writing, this website is the right option. With this app, writers can cover all niches and deliver excellent work.

8. Hemingway app

The popular writer, Ernest Hemingway, was famous for his style- short and simple sentences. This is exactly the purpose of this app. The platform guides writers to develop easy to understand texts and phrases. Ultimately, this is the most important requirement for online content. The app is simple to use as you need to just copy and paste the text and check the evaluation. An online article should be simple so that the readers can grasp it the moment they read it. The app also finds passive voice. This is something which needs to be avoided, as it makes the sentences long and difficult to understand.

9. InboundWriter

Ok, imagine you have a topic for your next article. But the next important thing is you should know how to write it and what things should be included in it. The solution is to use InboundWriter. The unique thing about this app is it helps you to monitor a few topics and find the improvements that you should make to connect with your readers.

10. Creately

When it comes to structuring and organizing an article for the future, this tool is awesome. Your life becomes simpler when things are in front of you. So, use this platform to make infographics, charts, diagrams etc. It works based on drag and drops principle, and it accepts photos also. However, it has a main disadvantage too- all the projects are public unless the users pay.

11. Headline Analyzer

Were you aware that about 62% of readers read beyond an article’s headline? As a direct effect, this one is important for attracting and keeping the readers interested. Learn how to improve your headlines by making use of this app.

Created by CoSchedule, is something more than useful. It says what type of words are present in the title; the type of headline; it checks the length; it provides a Google search preview and a preview of the email subject line. It also shows the keywords and sentiment caused by the title.

Among these, which one do you think is helpful for you?


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