How Remarketing Can Help In Improving Conversion Rates

Just imagine you walk into a clothing store and spot a sweet pair of jeans. You feel excited as they are just your size, stylish and comfortable. However, the price is too much for you.

Reluctantly you put them back and go to the nearest café to have lunch before heading back to work. As you walk out of the door, sandwich, and coffee in hand, a salesperson from the clothing store calls you.

She brings the exact pair of jeans and to your surprise, she says that you can still buy them, as there is a 15% off just for that particular day.”

You realize that you should not let this opportunity go in vain, and you excitedly walk back to the store to buy those pair of jeans.

Congratulations, you have just been remarketed. You may or may not have heard of remarketing, but you have come across it on and off online. One of the most popular forms of online or digital marketing is served from Google Ads.

Have you visited a website or looked for something just to be shown ads for that specific website or search a topic the next time you visit a site that utilizes Google ads? This is known as remarketing.

Remarketing is not anything new, but there is a lot of confusion like what it is and what are the remarketing strategies to increase conversions. Here, we will explain what is remarketing and what are the various strategies that can be used to increase sales and conversions of small businesses.

What is remarketing and why it is beneficial?

Remarketing is the procedure of marketing a product or service to a potential client that has already seen and collected information about that product or service. Making use of tools like Google Ads, AdRoll or Facebook ads, you can insert a small extract of JavaScript code on to the site.

The code present in the script will collect cookies for detecting and label new visitors anonymously. One of the biggest benefits of running a remarketing campaign is it increases conversions. When a potential client visits your store and does not purchase anything, the chances of them returning is very low.

However, with the help of various remarketing tools whatever product they were looking for and offering it at a discount rate, you can increase the chances of customers returning to you for making a purchase.

Few remarketing strategies for increasing the conversion rates

Now that you understand what remarketing is and how you can attain benefits from it, let’s now discuss the various remarketing strategies that will help you to achieve your business goals. Here are a few remarketing strategies that you can start using it today.

A) Find out which pages to target: Before you remarket any of your products and services, you should consider which are the pages that you want to tag. The pages must be directly tied to your marketing objective as these are the pages that will be used for setting up the whole campaign.

If you want to increase the sales, you can use remarketing tags of your top-selling product or even the best-selling categories and remarket them to the returned visitors. Seeing those ads, again and again, might change their mind and they may buy.

In a similar way, you can choose the pages too which you want to tag. Tagging the right pages will educate the customers about your website, company, products, and services. Doing this will help you to prime them for better conversion rate optimization so that when the customers finally purchase from you, there is a high chance that they will buy a high-end product and become your loyal customer in the future.

B) Divide your remarketing campaigns: Apart from increasing the conversion rate, there are many other benefits that you can gain from remarketing campaigns, provided you divide them to target different people. It is better to assume that not all your website visitors will be interested in buying the same product. You can track the time spent by each customer on your site, how many pages they viewed to find which products of yours would be right for them.

For instance, if you have a business that deals with selling pet food, you can create various campaigns for those who want to purchase dog food and for those who are interested in buying cat food. In this way, you can address your visitor’s requirements in a more direct way and helps them find what they are looking for in a much better and easier way.

Try to use a different call to action and link them to goal-based web pages on your website. Figure out the ways that helped you to increase your conversion rate.

C) Increase the bidding rate on both the shopping cart and abandoned cart: One of the popular ways to increase conversions is to utilize remarketing on both the abandoned cart and shopping cart pages. Those clients have already shown an interest in your products and services and just a step away from buying. It is better to remarket to those customers as soon as they leave the page on your website. It reminds them continuously to return and finish the purchase.

As those visitors were close to conversion, they are regarded as warmer traffic, therefore, you must set a high budget to attain a better ROI.

D) Lessen the ad expenditure on the homepage: You must consider lessening the budget for advertisements that are remarketing to those visitors who jumped from your website’s homepage to other pages that are not sales-oriented. There are visitors who visit these pages and then return without making any purchase. Such visitors do not bring as much value as those visitors who bounced from shopping cart pages.

However, it does not mean that you should stop remarketing them. In simple language, it means that you must invest more time in nurturing those leads and send them to pages that provide more info as discussed earlier.

E) Provide coupons so that visitors keep on visiting your website: Another vital remarketing strategy is to create discount codes and coupons and provide them to the visitors who keep coming back to your website or view specific product pages. If they come back, it means that they are interested in your products and services. So, offering them a discount coupon of 10% off might convince them to purchase.

With remarketing tactics, your customers will keep on seeing your ad whenever they come online, but the product or service is discounted now. This increases the chance of them being converted to a customer. Remarketing to those customers also created brand awareness which in turn helps you turn that visitor from a one-time buyer to a customer who returns.

F) Track your landing pages: While you can create many remarketing audiences depending on the people’s action on your landing page, there is a certain limit on how much can you do. In order to make most of your marketing efforts, you must maintain a record of users beyond the landing page to find which are the pages they visit.

For instance, landing page-product page-category page-second product page-checkout page-logout.

This informs you a lot about the interests of your visitors: product category in which they are interested, certain products they want to buy and the products that they almost purchased. When someone shows an interest in a product or service, you must not target them with advertisements that feature your company’s logo. You must target them with advertisements that feature the products they are interested in and make it so attractive that they cannot resist.

G) Follow dynamic remarketing: Dynamic remarketing makes it simpler to target the users who have looked at certain products and services on your site. Rather than designing visual advertisements for all your products and service, you can simply submit a feed in Google and allow the search engines to create responsive advertisements for you and deliver them to the customers who have earlier shown an interest in the similar products and services.

Google also utilizes machine learning, and something is known as dynamic prospecting to reach new users with such ads-another important tool for growing your reach through remarketing.

H) Drive email signups from increased traffic from remarketing: You can also utilize remarketing for enhancing the content marketer’s efforts and increase email signups. Promoting your blog on social media is the perfect place to begin this strategy although you can do a similar thing with Google Ads if you select the right keywords.

Essentially, you are targeting customer requirements with your webinar sessions, blog content, free downloads and whatever else is involved in your content marketing strategy. Then, you are going to design remarketing lists for these individuals for promoting related content that addresses their requirements in more detail, answers their next queries or offers even more value.
Now your ads are not just generating traffic from the users who will read one blog and don’t pay attention to you again.

I) Focus on similar audiences: Both Facebook and Google have interesting impressive features that help you to reach new audiences. Rather than targeting your earlier visitors and customers, you can also utilize similar audiences by Google’s and Lookalike audiences by Facebook in order to reach new users that show the similar kind of behavior as individuals present on your remarketing list.

Increase conversions with remarketing

Although it takes time and hard work to move ahead of the basics of remarketing, it is one of the worthwhile investments one will make in PPC ads. As soon as you start paying for traffic, every user who does not convert hits in the pocket and bends your advertising performance.

Remarketing is there to assist you to increase your conversion rates, attain the best return on your ad spend and develop an advertising strategy that guides users, from the initial stages of the customer journey, all the way to finishing line. However, all this is possible if you are well-trained in remarketing.

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