How to Create a Social Media Campaign

A social media marketing strategy can be explained as the summary of everything one plans to do and hopes to achieve on social media. Social media strategy guides the actions and allows one to know whether they are achieving success or failing. Each post, like and comment included in a social media marketing plan must serve a purpose.

The more specific is the media marketing strategy, the more effective will be the execution. While creating a social media campaign, make sure you keep it concise. Do not make your social media campaign so broad and lofty that it is difficult to measure the results.

There are millions of tools available online through which you can post on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. This is the right time for us to step back and think in a big picture.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you plan and execute social media marketing campaigns like a pro.

1) Understand the objective of the campaign

The first important step while planning a media campaign is to collaborate with your team on the details of the campaign. Do you want to promote the campaign?

Are you proving a new eBook or want people to download? Maybe you are working on a social media campaign with a non-profit partner. No matter whatever is the marketing campaign, you must understand the result.

What action are you expecting from your users after you create a social media post? Is your objective clearly expressed, while still being informative and share-worthy? What are your plans to measure the results of successful social media campaigns?

Draft an action plan including these details before you start marketing any products or services.

 2) Decide how you are going to promote your social campaigns on each channel

Now comes the time to decide what type of content you will require for each social media platform. You might plan to create a small video for Instagram and Facebook, or you might want to post an event on Facebook for which you may require an attractive banner image. Once you understand the purpose of each channel, things will be simpler for you.

If you want to create brand awareness and want people to see and interact with your social media posts then, social media advertising is the best way. If you have not started using the various advertising tools available online then, its better to start with one channel and find what works best for your content and audience. Once the planning to start a campaign is set, it’s time to move on the next step!

3) Plan a content calendar for a week or month

The next important part of the planning process is fixing the schedule on a calendar. When do you want to start a marketing campaign? Which are the days when you are planning to post on social media?

What messaging will help you to achieve your social media goals? You must set a basic outline of what post, which day, at what time etc.  

Generally, in social media campaigns, posting 1 to 2 posts on different channels gives better results.

4) Use quality content

You might be present on every social media network but might not be getting the engagement and conversion that you are looking for. One of the reasons behind this is your content may be useless, impersonal, and bland.

You cannot write quality content until and unless you know who your target audience is, and which are the social media networks that you need to focus on. When it comes to content, you not only want to attract people’s attention but at the same time make your brand stand apart from others in the industry.

As you do this, keep certain points in mind. The rules for each social media platform are different. As for example, Twitter allows only 140 characters and uses hashtags. Instagram and Pinterest are for images. In Facebook, one can post text, images as well as videos. YouTube is meant only for videos.

Make sure your content matches the format of the social media platform. Make it useful, interesting. It should not sound condescending or impersonal. Your content should make your brand look like a person, rather than an organization.

Like putting together, the social media audit as long form or spreadsheet, and using various scheduling tools for posts, developing an editorial calendar can guide you on how to write. The editorial calendar will have what you are going to write and all the details.  

5) Schedule posts

You have a plan. You have created a calendar. You have awesome content. Now, it is the right time to schedule. Use social media scheduling tool of your choice. There are many social media scheduling tools of your choice available online like Buffer, Hootsuite, HubSpot and many more. Choose as per your requirement.

6) Monitor and reply

You should not simply set it and forget! Although it will run in the background of its own, you still must be involved. One of the important skills in social media marketing expert is to know how to monitor thing and reply promptly.

Managing social media is as simple as being present on your profile. With those management tools about which we discussed earlier, you can also set up alerts on the phone. This way, if someone comments on any of your social media campaigns, you can respond fast.

7) Do not forget to follow up after the promotion or event

If your campaign is based around a specific event or for example launching a new product then, it is better to follow up with an update or photos. If you run content or a giveaway, post the photos of the winner or statistics regarding how many people took part in it. For an event, you could post photos of the event too.

8) Evaluate and adjust

Take your time to go over your analytics to find what worked and what did not. It may happen that all your early morning posts performed very well, and your afternoon posts were a flop. Or one type of content or image performed very well whereas others did not. Then, use that knowledge for adjusting your tactics for the upcoming campaign.

It is not necessary that all the social media campaigns will include these steps, but, yes, it is a good baseline. Your social media activity should be integrated tightly with your inbound marketing plan. This means, do not lose sight of your personal goals for increasing visits, leads and the number of customers.

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