How To Get a Google Analytics Certification

Every digital agency and online marketing group requires a Google Analytics professional. As you are reading this, you possibly want to be that expert. Or maybe you have been “volunteered” for that specific role by your team.

Mastering Google Analytics is a significant milestone in becoming a digital marketer. The first important step is to become certified by clearing the Google Analytics Individual Qualification, i.e. GAIQ examination. Here, we will discuss the step-by-step process of achieving Google Analytics certification.

How to get a Google Analytics Certification

Google offers official certification-Google Analytics Individual Qualification- popularly known as the GAIQ. It is a great thing to have this certification. It helps your career, and with being identified internally at your organization as someone who understands the concepts of web analytics.

To clear the GAIQ exam, you must have a clear understanding of Google analytics and different marketing tactics very well. Good news is that Google offers all the study materials required for passing the Google Analytics Certification exam at free of cost. The test itself is free. By chance, if you are not able to clear the exam in the first attempt, you can attempt once again in 7 days.

So, there is no disadvantage in taking the GAIQ exam. It is not that difficult to pass this examination if you work hard. Here are a few steps that you must follow to become Google Analytics certified. If you follow these, you will pass.

1. Get mentally prepared- You should not follow any shortcuts. A positive attitude is the most important thing required.
2. Access somebody else’s Google Analytics account- You will require some real data to work with while learning.
3. Google Analytics for beginners- It is the first study guide. You should not blow it off, even if you know everything about Google Analytics.
4. Take Advanced Google Analytics- It is your second study guide. There might be a chance that you have to go through it twice.
5. Appear for GAIQ exam- Take the exam. Even if you fail, you can reattempt in 7 days.

1) Prepare yourself mentally: If you are planning to appear for the Analytics certification exam, then just start preparing for it. Do not procrastinate. Do not try to choose the easiest way, putting in the least possible effort from your end. Get psyched up and have a positive attitude.

Keep your focus on your objective, i.e. to become a Google certified marketer. This is a skill that you as well as your employer will really appreciate. Understanding Google Analytics will make you confident at work. Always keep reminding that it is worthy.

2) Access someone else’s Google Analytics account: The study materials in Google Analytics Academy offer access to a demo account. Therefore, you do not need access to real data. However, learning about web analytics is more interesting when you can apply the ideas to a site that means something to you.

Are you not interested in knowing which are the most popular pages on your company site? Or from where does most of your traffic come? Or which digital marketing strategy worked for you last time? Or which Google Ad campaign has the maximum conversion rate? Try to get access to your company’s Google Analytics account.

In most of the marketing departments, they would be glad to have someone who can go through the statistics of your website. You might even consider providing a brief presentation on how your website is performing or the steps we can use for website optimization. Getting comfortable with Google Analytics to make that type of presentation is one of the biggest benefits of getting certified.

If you are working in an agency, you must request access to a few of your customer’s accounts. Discuss with the account managers about the opportunities and challenges that the customers face. And see if you can track those problems back to what the data in Google Analytics is informing you.

As you start going through Google’s study materials, refer to your company’s or client’s Google Analytics reports. Strengthen the ideas that you are learning by reviewing all the real data.

3) Google Analytics for beginners: You can begin from scratch, without knowing anything about Google Analytics. Google Analytics for beginners’ course does not require any prior knowledge on this topic. However, if you already have experience in Google Analytics, you must take up this course.

The material is provided in a similar way as it comes in the GAIQ exam, so you must take notes, and focus on the different terminologies used by Google. It is mainly important if you study Google Analytics yourself. You might need to relearn certain things in the right manner.

You must register, but the courses are free of cost. Google claims that it takes about 4 to 6 hours to complete the test. The amount of time you require to spend on this course is dependent on how much experience you have in web analytics.

If you are learning from scratch, it might take longer, because you are going to pause and try new ideas as you learn them by using a Google Analytics account. You might even want to go through the course twice.

On the contrary, if you have experience in Google Analytics, you can possibly skim through some of the material fast and complete it in less than 4 hours. Before you start the course, have a look at the frequently asked questions and case studies.

At the end of the course, you will be provided with a short assessment test. It is mandatory to score 80% to pass. It is recommended to score at least 90% on all the sections before you move to the advanced course. If you fail, go through the course next time and retake the assessment.

4) Take up Advanced Google Analytics: When you feel comfortable with the material provided in the beginner course, you can register and take up the Advanced Google Analytics. Again, as per Google’s estimate, this entire course can be completed in a time span of 4 to 6 hours.

However, that depends on how well you understand Google Analytics. There can be a situation when you may feel frustrated when you are unfamiliar with advanced web analytics concepts. It is ok if you take more than 6 hours to get familiar with the basic concepts.

Under this course, you will learn about the various tools used to get the most out of Google Analytics. Therefore, always be positive! Once you have understood this material, you will be a web analytics expert.

For instance, one of the important skills you learn in this domain is remarketing. After completing this course, you will have an understanding of how to run ads on Google that will be only shown to people who have visited your website earlier.

Again, you will attempt a short assessment test at the end of every section. Here, we suggest everyone should score at least 90% in every section before they write the GAIQ examination. What’s the reason behind this? Because it is much easier and simpler to learn the material here, in small parts, than to score worse on the main exam and it also helps you to figure out the areas in which you need to focus more.

5) Write the GAIQ exam: Once you are confident that you have learned the Advanced Google Analytics material, the next step is to take up the exam. For this, first, register with the Academy for Google Adwords– which is free of cost. The test is 90 minutes and consists of 70 questions. 80% is the maximum score to pass.

If you follow the above-mentioned steps, you must not face any trouble in passing the exam. However, if you fail, do not worry. Reattempt again in the next 7 days. Be positive, study hard, take up digital marketing course from a reputed institute and write the exam next time.

As far as enrolling for a digital marketing course is concerned, it also plays a significant role in making you a Google analytics certified professional. There are plenty of online marketing institutes that offer Google Analytics certification, but you must always do research before selecting any one among them. Choose an institute that has a good reputation in the market, has provided placement to students in top companies, provides internship, has skilled and experienced trainers, etc.

One such institute that has all these qualities is Streamlyn Academy. The institute offers the best digital marketing training course in Bangalore. It is the only institute in India that teaches Programmatic Advertising along with training on digital media. Some of the topics included in the course include basics of digital marketing, the evolution of digital marketing, various digital analytics, SEM, how search engines work, SEO, how to use different social networks and much more.

The faculty here are the digital marketing professionals working in Streamlyn Media, thus, students get live data on everything that they are taught in the class. Most of the digital marketing aspirants in Bangalore choose Streamlyn Academy for digital marketing training as the institution offers 100% paid internship along with an ongoing course and placement assistance too.

Also, the institute provides certification in Google Analytics. BY being a Google analytics certified expert, you can market your products and services in a better way and become a professional ad manager. This certification not only conveys in-depth knowledge in Google analytical too but also improves your competency and assist you to move ahead in your career.

Digital marketing is a field that provides multiple choice. After learning online marketing from this institute, you can either be a social media marketer or learn email marketing or can build a career as a content marketer. So, make your choice and join Streamlyn Academy for a successful career!

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