How To Start A Career In Digital Marketing In 2020

Digital marketing is growing, and there is no doubt about that. Modern-day customers are very much dependant on online platforms for various uses. According to studies, India’s online advertising industry is increasing at 33.5 % and by 2020, its value will cross the INR 255 billion marks.

So, India is one of the largest growing online markets globally and the scope for online marketers will get higher and better in the future. It is expected that the online industry will generate more than 20 lakhs job in India by 2020.

Within the coming years, the effect of digitization would be rather obvious in the nation’s economy. Here are a few statistics discussing the rationale of growth:

  • Online advertising in India had reached $1 billion marks in FY 2016-17
  • Likely to expand at an average of 14 per cent annually
  • Digital media remains nearly 12 per cent of the whole ad share and is expected to increase up to 24 per cent by the year 2020
  • “Search and Display” call for the largest share of the entire online advertisement expenditure
  • New-generation customers check their phones every 9.6 minutes or at least 159 times in a day
  • About 220 million users access online services through their smartphones

The accessibility of electronic devices and the internet have contributed to this phenomenon. Whether it is a house owner looking for a student or a handyman researching material for a paper, online resources have become nearly indispensable. This supremacy has made online marketing so relevant.

Online marketing has made this possible in different ways. The significance of online marketing has opened several doors for people who want to build their career in digital marketing. As the importance of online media grows, so does digital marketing.

In fact, online marketers were the most hired professionals by companies in 2015. By 2020, experts in this area will be the most significant and with no good reason. Before assessing the future of online marketing, though, it is important to see where it is currently.

Digital marketing methods have much of the similar objectives of traditional marketing except that they are structured for online advertising. Marketing through various digital channels provides numerous competitive benefits to advertisers, including measurable Return on Investment. A company can calculate its expenditure on a certain mode of marketing and compare those figures with the generated leads. With the accessibility of metrics and analytics like bounce rates and clicks, business owners can measure performance.

There is the benefit of having various advertising options also. While marketing for online media, entrepreneurs have an option of strategies like content marketing, pay-per-click, search engine optimization, email marketing, and social media. Companies can choose the most suitable approaches to meet their objectives.

Companies also get a lot of opportunities to engage with their clients. Whether it is through social media or blogs, various entities have found methods to get closer to their audiences, something traditional advertising modules did not provide. These are just a few justifications of why online marketing holds such an important market share.

In the coming years, marketers are bound to find more utilization for online marketing, and that signifies an increase in career opportunities. The best thing is that online marketing does not simply serve businesses; online visibility for people has become just as important.

Spending money for online marketing is set to rise in the coming 5 years as the dominance of online marketing continues. More than 75% of advertising budgets will move to digital. New technologies are emerging everywhere, making online marketing a must-have for businesses.

Why a Career in Digital Marketing?

The advantages that working in online marketing provides are some of the reasons more people will join the field professionally. For one, the industry incorporates various skills in technology and marketing. Advertising for online media means engaging in a specific technical aspect like Graphic Design and Website Development. Even an individual without a degree in online marketing can capitalize on their knowledge.

For instance, website designing is a part of digital marketing; and so, an IT professional who has experience in this sector can play a vital role in an online marketing company. A marketing expert can also learn some technical skills to enhance their knowledge of the functioning of online media.

Working in online marketing means a fast-paced environment where something new is beyond the horizon. A person doing SEO, for example, must keep up with the algorithm updates to search engines every time. Marketers also must learn about the guidelines ruling the different channels. If a social media website institutes a new set of rules, a marketer must be the first one to know.

Another reason why digital marketing will continue to be one of the top careers in the coming years is its versatility. Online marketing experts can specialise in different areas, based on the skills and passion a person possesses.  As the industry expands, more alternatives may come up themselves, making the field an exciting career move. At present, these choices are available for aspiring online marketing experts.

  • Ecommerce marketing- Online retail stores have become the order of the day as customers embrace the power of shopping online. Entrepreneurs are making investments in eCommerce businesses, which have been successful over the last few years. Whether it is purchasing a car or a classic novel, online retailers have made the work simple for the shoppers. It aims to promote these online merchandisers to customers. The scope of electronic businesses is rising as ideas like mobile payment come into the picture. New trends result in more work for experts in eCommerce marketing.
  • Content Marketing- Online marketing has come to terms with the significance of content creators in the field. Content is a factor that drives online marketing. Whether it is a PPC ad, a blog, social media post, the content has the power to make or break the entire strategy. Customers are beyond the one-line product description and substandard web content.
  • Search Engine Optimization- Organic traffic is important for online marketers. Google attains more than 100 billion monthly searches. Any individual, commercial or not, wants to rank high on the search engines. Not a lot of business owners or people are worried about organic traffic. However, competition has forced the requirement for optimization, which has expanded more complex with the passing time. A website owner cannot utilize tricks like flooding keywords in their content or purchase links. With search engines getting better, SEO experts have attained new respect. In addition, local search has offered a ready market for experts as 50% of the mobile searchers end up visiting an online store in one day, making it very important for businesses. If online users still find the services through search engines, organic traffic will be important, and that implies SEO experts will have jobs.
  • Mobile Marketing- This area is one which is likely to keep gaining popularity as the number of online users on mobile devices increases. Having a mobile site is not negotiable for businesses operating in today’s current market. A survey done by the Economist Intelligence Unit had 59% of 499 industry professionals cite mobile as the technology trend that will make the most impact by 2020.
  • Social Media Marketing- Another field that has played an important role in the growth of online marketing and will continue to do so is social media marketing. Social media was started to connect people online, but they have evolved into much more. Nowadays, businesses advertise companies on different social networking websites. Customers can give their opinions, post reviews, or complain about a single click. Social media managers have grown into some of the most important players in the advertising sector.

Planning to pursue a Digital Marketing Career

Seeing the immense growth of digital marketing, it is not surprising to see more and more people choosing this field for a successful career. If you too want to pursue a career in digital marketing, it is suggested to make the necessary preparations beforehand.

Start by evaluating your talents and see whether they are applicable. A person with a flair for social media can improve their skills to handle business accounts. A person who is good at analytics can specialize in online marketing analysis, which is another area expected to flourish.

You should conduct research on the various career choices and what are the companies looking for in an individual. Establishing an online presence is a great way to dive into the online marketing pool. It would be difficult to convince a recruiter that you can write a blog for a company when you don’t even have a Facebook account. Open accounts in social media channels, engage in conversation and build an online reputation. Doing this will give you an idea of what happens in different social media platforms.

Digital Marketing is the future. Experts also predict that the customer journey will be mapped in a more precise manner, enabling companies to construct more targeted campaigns and lessen budget waste. All these and more will drive digital marketing. Whether you are graduate or a professional who want to switch his/ her career, this field has immense potential, which you can take advantage of on heavily and enjoy being one of the best online marketing professionals in 2020.

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