How To Write Landing Page Copy That Converts Visitors to Customers

Conversion content writers- people who are into writing landing page copy that convert readers and improves sales are those people who attract readers, generate conversions and finally helps earn a lot of cash.

Would you be interested to have this skill?

If so, you will be glad to know that it’s just partly skill. Rest is simply a technique. A technique that anyone can learn and master. The only thing you need to do is understand the techniques involved.

Conversion is mostly a science of the mind- How your customer’s mind processes info, makes decisions and decides to convert. Here, we have discussed a few writing methods that are proven to produce positive results. After you put your resources and time into generating traffic, here is how you can turn traffic to revenue by generating a copy like a conversion expert.

So, do you know the tactics to write great content that can attract people? How can you write a page copy that does not have any mistake and convinces your clients to consider seriously what you are offering to them? Here, we have discussed exactly that and tell you about the various ways using which you can transform your boring landing page into something exciting and profitable.

1) Know your audience & what you offer to them: You have done something correct to attract visitors clicking on your landing page. Once they visit your page, they might not be aware of the product or service that you offer. It is the duty of great writers to make it clear for the customers and doing so is very much required for conversions.

To ensure that your landing page copy is clear and relevant to the visitors, the next thing you must do is find out who is your target audience. If for example, your product is a subscription for meal delivery then, your target audience will be families with four members, working parents, or someone who is looking for a healthier and easier diet. Understanding who has the issue that your product or service can solve is important for going to the next stage, i.e. understanding how your customers see their issue.

Say, for example, you create content for landing page which is focused towards working parents because you believe that they can be benefitted from your subscription plan. Try to imagine yourself in their place and think about how would see yourself in that situation. Do they feel that there is a shortage of time for going to the grocery store? Understanding how your audience thinks of these problems can help you move to the next stage, i.e. a content marketing strategy that resonates with them and solves the problems clearly.

First, start writing a draft as if you are discussing things with your audience directly. You must explain how your product or service will solve their problems. This will help you to write landing page content that will compel your audience to click on it.  For good writing, you must ask yourself a few questions like:

A. Why does my customer feel that they have this issue?

B. What are the options, apart from my product that can solve their problem?

C. What are the other products available that can fix this problem?

D. Will my product solve their problem fully or partially?

E. Why my customer requires my product?

After you get a clear idea on who your right visitors are, you are all set to write blog posts or any form of content that really connects with them. Using the tips for writing that we have mentioned in this article, coupled with your idea about your audience, anyone can start writing landing pages.  

2) Include customer testimonials in the landing page: Whatever is your motto behind creating a landing page, whether it is for marketing or lead generation, one of the popular ways to increase conversion rates is to let the audience know how happy your customers are with your products or services.

Testimonials generate conversions like nothing else can do. It is not possible to write a copy which is as good as your client. Why? Because a good copy depends on the source, not only on substance and style.

Testimonials are work because they show the customers what he or she will gain if they use your product or service. Always keep in mind one thing, your best conversion writers are your clients. Let your service speak for themselves.

3) Put emphasis on the benefits, rather than focusing on product or service: One of the important things that have been noted in online marketing is that customers are least bothered about your products and services. In simple words, they don’t care about what product or service you are offering to your customers.

Nowadays, customers know about the solution what they are searching for. They can virtually learn anything through the internet and search engines. Customers not only know the solution, but they are also aware of the features they are searching for, the needs that the product must meet, and a benchmark cost.

If you keep on pitching about your solution, it means that you are not giving your clients what they want. One of the significant rules involved in content marketing is you must pitch the benefits. It is alright to talk about your solution, as it is an indication to the customer that he or she has arrived in the right place- but do not exaggerate that solution, instead talk more about the benefits.

4) Try to understand your audience’s problem from different angles: Your offer should include one solution to one problem- nothing more or less than that. But, if you focus on the leads and keep your copy specific and simple then, you can have a clear idea about the tone of your message. There are various ways you can follow to make your landing page more enticing.

There are some copywriters who like to utilize an emotional appeal for converting leads. Developing stories can help leads connect with your offer on a personal basis and imagine their lives after getting your offer. Scarcity and urgency are other powerful promoters required while writing a landing age copy.

You must have come across an event page that says, “few tickets left”, or a sales page with a discount available till Sunday midnight. This type of writing makes an individual think that they are going to miss out some big opportunity if they don’t take the action now.

There are different kinds of themes, tactics, and tones you can use in your copy and find which one works for your business in the best way. Playing around with various ideas and testing them through A/B testing will help you to convert more visitors.

5) Write a catchy headline: The fact is your customers do not precisely read your landing page copy. They just scan and filter across the content, but usually, they do not read every word. Readers pay attention to:

a) Headline

b) Subheadline

c) Images

d) Call to action

Now, you got a clear idea on which areas to focus while writing a landing page. Make sure your headline is about ten to fifteen words and catchy. Keep it big, strong and clear. Use an attractive subheadline that talks about the benefits of your products and services.

Use a powerful copy in your call to action (CTA). Try to break your content into major sections, each with a headline. Try to mention the benefits of your products and services using bullet points. Use captions for your images.

6) Keep your writing simple: One of the best tips for writing a conversion copy is to write in a simple style. Simplicity always sells. If you want your sales team to attain more customers and leads, you must be unique and convincing with your landing page content.

Have a better offer compared to your competitors. Show that you are the best in your domain. No matter how good your product and service are, if you do not use the principles above, you might not be able to attract the right customers and above all, you won’t be able to attain the desired conversion rate.

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