Know What is Email Marketing, its Benefits and Career Scope

Email marketing is a significant part of any business, mainly for marketers. As social media gained popularity, many online marketers started to doubt the future value of email marketing jobs. However, those ideas started declining fast as digital marketers observed that the Return on Investment (ROI) of email is the highest of all the marketing channels. 

Want to know more about this mode of marketing? Here, we have defined what is email marketing, benefits of email marketing and its marketing scope.

Email Marketing and its Benefits

Email advertising is a sort of direct marketing in which companies send marketing messages to prospects and consumers through emails. This cost-effective and efficient marketing tool is best for attracting customers, creating brand awareness and increasing sales.

Compared to other digital marketing channels, emails are the most popular and top-rated mediums used by too many marketers. Marketers put Social Media Marketing (SMM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in the second and third position. Several reports state that most of the organizations intend to increase their marketing budget, whereas very few are lessening their budgets.

Different types of Email Marketing

1) Email Newsletters: These are the regular emails that are sent to subscribers who have subscribed to receive updates from a brand. Generally, newsletters don’t focus on sales, but instead, it focuses on building a relationship between a brand and a customer. Often, they have a conversational tone and includes information and news that will attract customers. The main objective of newsletters is to keep customers connected with a company even when they are not purchasing anything.

2) Direct Emails: These emails are used to inform the customers about any new product launch, sales or any offer. They offer customers direct information about products generally have a link using which customers can access the product. They are like catalogues, coupons, sales fliers that were sent earlier through a Post Office.

3) Transactional Emails: These are those emails that are sent after specific actions activate them. When a consumer buys a product or makes a reservation, emails are sent to them as confirmation. They are proof of their purchase. Often, transactional emails include sales messages.

Why more and more businesses prefer email marketing

. For customer acquisition, effective emails are better than social media: Don’t misunderstand, social media is very important in the marketing strategy of any business. It is a great medium for interacting with the audience and for strengthening the personal relationship with the customers. And due to that, it is basically the first important step to reach your ultimate objective-the conversion.

However, as far as converting individuals to members, supporters or customers is concerned, email marketing is the best option.

. Cost effective and economic: It is an effective, inexpensive and easy process. By sending an email, business owners can reach too many customers within a short span of time and that too without spending much. Small business owners who have a limited budget consider email marketing as the best option to spread the news about their brand. Even if there are so many new social networks and technology, marketers still prefer using email.

. Action-oriented: Everyone knows to do something with an email. Whether it is to reply, click-through, forward, or simply sign-in. Email can be used to direct traffic to a site and finally increase the sales of goods and services. If you have a good idea for your startup or small business, use email to spread the info about it.

. Measurable: The result one gets from email marketing is measurable. With the help of an email marketing software, one can collect entire details about email marketing campaigns including the entire email addresses list, who opens your email and how many people have unsubscribed your email newsletters and much more.

What is the career scope of Email Marketing?

We can say that this year is experiencing a boom in the email marketing domain. Several surveys have proved that there are plenty of options for those who want to build a career in email marketing. There are plenty of email marketing jobs that comes with a high salary package.

Jobs displayed on the popular job portals like Indeed and Naukri makes it clear that email marketing is currently booming. Currently, marketers are dependent on digital means of reaching potential customers. Today’s online marketers believe that through email marketing it is now much easier for them to inform customers about a brand.

Earlier, in our personal email boxes, we used to receive very few emails, unlike today when our mailboxes are filled with spam emails from different sources. This shows how fast email marketing is growing.

Now, as we are aware of the employment opportunities, let us have a look at the various email marketing profiles.

a) Email marketing manager
b) Email marketing consultant
c) Email marketing lead generator
d) Email marketing executive
e) Email marketing campaign analyst
f) Email marketing intern

If email marketing interests you then, building a career in this field will be apt for you. There are large numbers of digital marketing training institutes in Bangalore that offer email marketing courses. One of them is Streamlyn Academy located in Bangalore.

Streamlyn’s digital marketing course focuses on advanced marketing strategies through guides and emails. These are helpful in designing efficient ads for promoting products and services and generate brand awareness.

Along with email marketing training, Streamlyn Academy teaches basics of digital marketing, web hosting & blogging, programmatic advertising, advertisement metrics, data tracking and behavioural analytics, search engine marketing, search engine optimization and much more.

Not only this, students are offered paid internship during the course. Once the course is completed, the academy guarantees placement to students in top MNC’s. Want to join us? Reach us today!



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