Link Building Ways to Improve SEO results

Since the time Google was discovered, optimization of a business or a company’s website is as important as never before. This is all because the online presence of such a business aspires to be at the top of Google’s search results and want to have a strong online presence.

While the search engine optimization is an area of constant evolution, one important component has never been changed-which only highlights its significance in search engine optimization, known as, link building.

Link building activities are very important for those who want to improve their website’s visibility and ranking in the search engines. No matter whatever is the industry, the only way to boost search engine rankings of a website is link building.

Everyone wants to see their website is ranked on the 1st page of search ranking. Once your website is developed and runs for a few months, you may be shocked to see the status after you analyze your website’s performance.

Usually, you will find that you are not getting any clicks and visits from valid users and come to know that your website is not ranking for the keywords that you are targeting.

Link building is one of the vital components required for the websites to rank at the top of Google search. There is a lot of information available online regarding link building strategy which might be a mere wastage of time and money. These strategies can ban your website and get it blacklisted from the search engines. So, be careful.

If you are tired of following the old link building strategies and now you are in search of free link building technique, then the link building campaign ideas will prove helpful for you. These link building strategies will increase traffic to your website and improve its ranking.

1. Skyscraper method: This method is about searching for great content with your choice of keywords and enhancing the chosen piece of content to make it yours. Therefore, you will generate quality content than your competitors while keeping the objective of your website intact. However, it is a challenging task, and the description included here is just half of the assignment that is required by the Skyscraper method. Here is the step-by-step procedure:

a) Select the keywords that you want your website to rank for. Let us take an example. Consider the keywords as battlefields in a war then, the skyscraper method plays the role of guns that are used to fight.

b) Find out about your strongest competitor. Paste your chosen keyword in the search bar and have a track of the highest-ranking keyword. Those keywords are the ones used by your competitors.

c) Analyze your competitor website’s content and think of how you can improve them for better results. Check if anything requires improvement or does any point need emphasis.

d) Start creating a new and improved piece of content for your website.

e) Look for sites that link to your competitor’s website. There are varieties of tools that have this specific feature. Apart from looking at your competitor’s links, you must also look for sites that are not linked to your competitor’s but belongs to a similar field as yours.

f) Contact the owners of those linking websites and request if they could link to your website also. But make sure your message is well-written and convinces the owner of those websites. Basically, you should be courteous and straightforward at the same time.

2. Internal links: These are those links that go from one web page to another within a website. Internal link building strategy is something which is most of the times ignored. It is one of the best ways to let your readers go deeper within your website.

As far as an internal link is concerned, always choose a good keyword phrase on any of your pages and link to inner pages or home page with more info so that the user stays for a long span of time and explores your website.

Advantages of using internal links:
1) It enhances page authority and helps to pass the link to other pages equally
2) It helps in decreasing the website’s bounce rate
3) Smart internal linking enhances overall crawl-ability and indexation of the site
4) Enhances old blog posts by sending some exposure and traffic
5) Helps in keyword rankings if your page has the right content and internal links
6) You can now visit your site and find right keyword phrases where you can link the relevant page content with some other page content

3. Use broken links: When a domain stops working as soon as you change the URL or effectively goes out of business then the links that redirect to their content can already be regarded as broken. Being aware of a competitor’s change in the online presence can help you earn some additional links; if you ensure that your website is a well-intentioned replacement.

When you find broken links, it is significant to remember that the broken link must be something relevant to your own content. If it is then, you must communicate with a website that includes a broken link.

Most of these webmasters would not leave their broken links as it is, so there is a high chance of them accepting your offer and link to your site.

4. Guest blog posts: Guest post has been a primary strategy as far as link building is concerned. The need for new, fresh and quality content will not lose its significance anytime. This signifies that there will always be the need for writing for other websites, and they will be linking to your website as a means of exchange.

A thing to take note is that guest blogging for low authority sites and having links from those websites will offer no help for your website’s rankings. However, links from different high authority websites will significantly help you, if the links are pertinent and in the context.

5. Testimonials: A backlink can be easily attained when you leave a testimonial as a consumer in the site of a trustworthy company. Essentially, organizations that sell products and services prefer highlighting the testimonials of their customers wherever possible, as testimonials are the best form of advertisement.

For this reason, firms also love to build their customer’s testimonials by linking to every customer’s website. However, the problem that you are going to face is that you must buy their product and there is no guarantee that they will link to your site.

6. Local business citation: If you own a local business, then local link building is a perfect back-linking option for you. You can attain useful links, increase revenue and attract extra traffic from people who use local searches routinely to find businesses nearby. Local business citation plays a vital role in improving your website’s position in the local search results.

Local business citation uses three terms known as “NAP.” It stands for name, address, and phone number. While developing your local business citation, make sure to use the same address that you have used on the website.

These citation links play a vital role in improving local rankings and assist search engines to verify the location of your business. Links from sites like Yahoo Local, Yelp, Bing Local, Yellow Pages, etc. create authority for your site, build trust and can help enhance your website’s ranking in the local search results.

7. Link building from trusted websites: The internet has a lot of spam websites and Google has dedicated itself to clearing them out and only displaying trusted websites within their search results. Building links from trusted websites are one of the vital steps to establish your website’s authority and making it reach the top of search results.

When a site has backlinks from a trusted website, it informs the search engines that they have authority on that area. For example, there are many sites and blogs that include Wikipedia in their content.

A reference from these sites to Wikipedia increases the count of backlink and site authority. Search engines consider Wikipedia a very highly relevant source and it shows up within the search results. On the contrary, search engines also take into consideration those links from other spammy websites. These are not beneficial for websites, rather it makes them untrustworthy, leading to negative effects on the search rankings.

Always remember that building too many links quickly is regarded as spam by the search engines. If a business has large numbers of poor links pointing towards it then, the performance of that site will decrease rather than improving.

Therefore, you should always pay attention to how you build links. To become a link building expert, you will require hard work, constant effort, passion, and determination.

Therefore, you must ensure that you are all set to take up the daunting task like link building. However, when you have gained the required expertise in link building, you will notice an increase in traffic to your site and at the same time, your overall ranking will also improve.

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