Reasons Why Engineers Should Do A Digital Marketing Course

Digital Marketing for engineers? Does it sound weird to you? Must not be!

In India, Engineering as a career has attracted large numbers of students. Last year, nearly 12 lac students appeared for the Joint Entrance Exams (JEE). Considering a digital transformation during the past decade, this demand for engineering has reduced.

A large number of engineers are choosing digital marketing as their career because it has begun to dominate the traditional IT domain. Another important reason why many engineers shift from engineering to digital marketing is high financial yields.

While the average cost of an engineering seat is nearly 10 to 12 lacs, the annual salary package for engineering graduates starts from 3 to 4 lacs per annum.

Engineering is not in high demand

Since ages, engineering has been a popular career option. Due to this, the supply of engineering graduates generally exceeds demand. Although there are many job opportunities in engineering, 60% of engineering students either do not have a job or are currently working in positions that do not match their qualifications. Digital marketing for engineers offers lucrative career opportunities.

Well, you must be confused about how does online marketing merge with engineering?

Scope in digital marketing for engineers

When it comes to a career for engineers in digital marketing, the options are endless. As a digital marketing manager, you should have the competency in mainly three skills, i.e. Strategy, Analytics and Technology.

The rigorous course of an engineering degree assists engineers to excel in all these skills. Therefore, a mechanical engineer with his or her technical knowledge and strong mathematical skills complement digital media in the best manner.

Before digital marketing came into existence, a constant discussion on marketing vs engineering was observed. Marketers are generally people with a creative skill set who believe in the aesthetics of marketing compared to any other thing.

Now, marketing can be measured which has led to analytical skills to become more significant than creativity. This change in marketing has become more technical these days and the number is increasing. This offers benefits to engineers over the non-engineers.

Digital Marketing vs Engineering: A great option for engineering graduates

Let us have a look at the reasons why digital marketing is a better career choice for engineers.

A) Innovation and creativity:
Engineers have a logical thinking procedure. They prefer researching, experimenting, creating and innovating new things. Digital marketing for the engineers acts as the right platform where the engineers can expand their world of creativity and imagination.

Digital marketing is not just about selling products or services online. It’s pretty much more than that. It demands creativity almost at every level.

Creativity has always been an important component of digital marketing. As the internet is crowded with so many competitors, creativity is very much required to be unique in the crowd.

B) High salary package:
Undoubtedly, high salary package and chance to gain hourly wage bonuses profit are a few reasons why engineers choose digital marketing. These days, digital marketing is going through a positive phase. It is expected to develop at a fast rate in the coming days. One of the reasons why digital marketers get a high salary is due to the huge gap between the demand and supply of digital marketers, where the demand exceeds supply.

On the opposite side, if we take into consideration the demand and supply of engineers, supply always exceeds the demand. Therefore, many engineers choose MBA after they complete their graduation. However, converting more engineers as digital marketing engineers can result in an optimal distribution of the workforce. The average digital marketing salary ranges from 15,000 to 4 lacs.

Apart from improving the digital marketing skills set of engineers, digital marketing, undoubtedly, offers more revenue options for them. While doing their regular jobs, digital marketers can work as freelancers, like for example they can work as a freelance content marketer and earn a huge amount of money while working from home.

C) Demonstrating problem-solving and analytical skills:
Digital marketing is also built on conceptual learning and can complement the problem-solving skills and thinking capacity of the engineers in a perfect way. Coming from a technical background, engineers are experts in handling data. As a digital marketer, one of the main responsibilities is to handle a substantial amount of data. Therefore, marketing for engineers offers digital engineers a chance to show their area of expertise.

In digital marketing, a lot of combinations and permutations of data are involved. Engineers also have a good problem-solving skill and analytical skills which are required in digital marketing.

D) A sound and innovative work profile:
Who does not wish to have sound working profiles without much highs and lows? Almost everybody.
Digital marketing is right now a flourishing industry and the career opportunities it offers are incredible. Becoming an engineer is not simple. It demands a lot of consistency, hard work and dedication. After working so hard and putting so much effort, engineers want to have a peaceful and sound work profile and nothing can fulfil this requirement better than digital marketing.

E) Job opportunities:
Job stability is one of the vital factors that ensure digital marketing for engineers as a good career option. As per the All India Council for Technical Education, about 60% of engineering graduates are unemployed and nearly 95% of the engineers are not the right fit for the software development jobs. These facts make it clear that the job market in the engineering field is bad.

While automation has taken over the IT sector, jobs of many engineers are under a threat. On the contrary, digital marketing offers a smooth career growth along with plenty of job opportunities. As nowadays, more and more businesses are becoming digital, the demand for professionals who are good at making an exceptional digital marketing strategy is rapidly increasing.

F) Move one step closer to your entrepreneurial journey:
If you are interested in planning a marketing strategy or want to start your own business, digital marketing is the best option. Marketing plays a vital role in business and as nowadays digital marketing is becoming popular, having knowledge in the same will prove beneficial.

Rather than outsourcing a digital marketing agency for running a marketing campaign or generate leads or do email marketing, one can now utilize their practical knowledge in digital marketing to globalize a brand and attain a competitive advantage over others.

Are you among those engineers who want to switch their career to digital marketing? If so, the first thing that you need to do is enrol in a digital marketing course. There are several training institutions that offer digital marketing training.

One such institution known for offering the best digital marketing training is Streamlyn Academy. It is known as the best digital marketing training institute in Bangalore. Digital marketing training offered at this institute helps students learn the basics and various modules of digital marketing.

Students can enjoy immense digital marketing course benefits in this institute. Here, students are not only taught about digital marketing, but they also learn Programmatic Advertising. The trainers at the institute are skilled and work as digital marketers in Streamlyn Media, a media publishing agency in Singapore.

Here, students are provided with the opportunity to work in Live projects, thus making it a great learning experience for them. The trainers follow a comprehensive cutting-edge curriculum and courseware that covers the latest methods of digital marketing.

This training institute also offers paid internship and placement assistance to students. The students are also provided certifications in Google analytics, Google ads, Hubspot, Google bid manager, Google ad exchange and many more.

By now, you must have understood what are the career opportunities for engineers in digital marketing. In addition, by switching your career from engineering to digital marketing, you get the opportunity to become a versatile professional.

So, what are you waiting for? If you too want to grow in your career, join Streamlyn Academy.

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