SEO For The Future: Here’s What You Can Expect


SEO as a field is continually evolving. With its focus on search engines, the discipline of SEO is ever-dynamic, changing according to the latest algorithm updates and new strategies. The world of SEO is highly competitive, with brands relying on aces up their sleeves to edge out their competitors to come out on top. In its way, SEO is an enigmatic art, with there being something new to learn in every project. Whether it’s on-page SEO techniques or competitor analysis, consistent development and strategy innovation is the name of the SEO game. Therefore, every SEO analyst worth their salt always has their eye on the ball when it comes to keeping up with the latest trends in the field.

Future Ahead

The key to notching up that top rank on the SERP is staying a step ahead of competitors vying for the same spot as you. In such a situation, the natural solution is to get your own trump card by scanning and predicting the upcoming trends in SEO. For this, you will need two things. 

  • A keen grasp of the general pulse of your SEO niche.
  • Regularly keeping tabs on all the latest SEO developments.

As a year, 2020 promises to be a harbinger of significant change from an SEO perspective. This is the digital age of big-ticket names like voice search and AR, which has some exciting prospects in store for SEO analysts and clients alike. In that regard, it’s absolutely essential to know what lies ahead on the SEO 2020 road. Without any further ado, let’s dive straight into the notable trends that could shape the field of SEO in 2020! This list will cover on-page SEO strategies and everything else that you’ll need to know to stay on top of your SEO game.

SEO 2020 Watchlist

  • It’s a small world. No, we don’t mean the concept of a global village. We’re talking about the rise in significance of local-centric SEO. If you run a quick keyword research session for a particular business, you’ll notice that there is a marked interest in the location of the company. Thanks to the surge in popularity of Google My Business in recent times as a viable marketing tool, local keywords and a specific focus help you build your domain authority within that niche. The implication here is that this trend will be a gamechanger that levels the playing field for small scale businesses, giving them a fighting chance to flourish in terms of grabbing website rankings.
  • The age of influencers. Influencer marketing has become a cornerstone of social media marketing, gaining popularity by the day. Though influencer marketing is a form of paid promotion that doesn’t precisely align with the tenets of SEO, the potential benefit is unmistakable. Influencers are an excellent option to promote your website, with the power to give your site a significant spike in engagement. It wouldn’t be surprising to see SEO strategies accommodate the possibility of influencer marketing in the near future. 
  • Every voice counts. It seems like yesterday that Siri was a prototype feature on iOS. Fast forward a few years, and we’re looking at dedicated devices driven by smart AI that can provide concise answers for precise searches. This is what lies on the horizon for SEO in the future. On-page SEO techniques will have to take the AI factor into account, as more and more people opt for smart searching. To accomplish this, SEO analysts will have to include images in their strategies and also tailor their keywords accordingly. Thanks to this, SEO is about to enter new dimensions in 2020.
  • Cross-platform presence. Conventional SEO used to be centred mostly around two aspects: blogging and websites. While those two still stand firm in the world of SEO, the playing field of 2020 is more significant now. Millennials today are active on at least two social media platforms on average. This has given rise to a marked interest in cross-platform interaction. On the SEO side of things, interlinking audiences has proven to be a viable tactic to drive traffic organically to websites. Contemporary SEO strategies tie together multiple platforms like YouTube and Instagram to boost a website’s traffic. This network is going to become a lot more complicated with time.
  • More interaction. The demand for quality content online that grabs and holds people’s attention is ever-rising. From an SEO perspective, this means that it’s time to rethink strategies beyond just coloured links and redirecting pages. This new form of on-page SEO strategies needs a seamless integration of UI/UX design, content crafting and page optimization to create a site that wows your target audience. 2020 ushered in the age of creative SEO that encourages out-of-the-box thinking. A parallel rise in technological advancements has also helped SEO to evolve beyond being just about the technical aspects. In a nutshell, new-age SEO is a vibrant arena of innovative strategy. 

The new decade holds some promising developments in store for SEO analysts worldwide. The tools are right there, available at your disposal. The question is, how are you going to leverage them to catapult your website to the top in 2020?

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Sorav Jain is the founder of echoVME and Digital Scholar, who lives and breathes all things digital marketing as a social media expert. Through 15 years of his career, he has aided many big-ticket brands with profitable digital solutions. He is a passionate blogger, and you can check out his works at

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