SEO Hacks That Will Improve Your Website’s Domain Authority

Most of the website owners and bloggers have one objective in common: Rank high in search engines. Companies, bloggers, eCommerce stores and everyone whoever has an online presence are obsessed with one thing, i.e. web traffic. As it is said, the higher is the traffic, the higher is the chances of getting high conversions. Ultimately, it is all about strengthening the bottom line.

However, improving the search engine ranking is not an easy task. It cannot happen overnight. It requires patience and years of hard work and consistency. However, it can be achieved if you are motivated.

Before we find out the ways using which you can increase the ranking of your website, let us have a look at some interesting facts.

What is domain authority (DA)?

Domain authority, also known as website authority is the ranking of a website. This system was first discovered by MOZ. It considers more than 40 various factors to provide your website rank on the scale of 0 to 100, 100 being the best. Higher your domain authority, higher your search rank in the search results.

An important thing to keep in mind is that domain authority is different from page rank. The domain authority provides a cumulative result of all web pages. There is a chance that one of your web pages is a favorite of your audience. It will have a high page rank, which basically shows how popular it is.

Why is it important to increase the domain authority of your website?

Increasing da will increase the possibilities of your website ranking on Google and other search engines. There must be times when you might have seen a site which has low da scores with very less engaging content. Domain authority plays a vital role in search engine ranking of a specific page.

Here are a few important facts about domain authority:
· In order to calculate domain authority, more than 40 signals are considered
· Websites that rank high on the search engines will have a high DA
· High domain authority means high Google ranking which ultimately will result in more traffic
· Domain authority will not increase overnight

There are many things that can be done to improve domain authority. That sounds good, right. Well, it is not a simple process, but it is not a difficult process too.

The process to calculate domain authority

Though this ranking gauge was developed by MOZ, they are quiet about the factors that influence da. Individuals can speculate, but they cannot be sure what are the things that can influence domain authority.

It is mentioned by MOZ that there are more than 40 dimensions that are considered for calculating the Moz domain authority. They also discuss machine learning algorithm that checks the site in question against the lives websites that are already present at the top of search engine results.

The four factors that are considered by MOZ include the total number of links, linking the root domains, MOZ Trust, and MOZ Rank. Two among these are the brainchild of Moz. Therefore, improving your domain authority requires something more than simply an effort and strategy.

Tips to improve your website’s domain authority

There are various methods to improve a website’s domain authority. However, you must choose a method that suits your requirement. Every site is different from each other and without an individualized audit, it is hard to say what are the things that will work and not work.

Here is a generic formula that works for most of the websites you may be following some of these.

1. Content is the king: Content is the kind and the internet is the kingdom. If your motto is to rule the online world, then you must build a unique content marketing strategy that keeps your audience engaged. Content is regarded as the unspoken principle of staying online.

This does not simply include written word. Given the reducing attention from customers, dynamic and engaging content like visuals and audios are becoming more popular. The clearer and faster you are at delivering your message, more likely it will stay longer with your customers.

If we take the example of eCommerce stores. In such stores, compelling and clear images play a vital role. If we think from a human perspective, visuals are the thing that keeps the website visitor hooked on a website. The more frequently customers revisit a website to search products, the better it communicates to the search engine that will improve your stats automatically.

2. On-page SEO: On-page SEO is another important optimization method. It plays an important role in moving your low domain authority to a high one. It takes into consideration technical factors like keyword placement, keyword density, and page titles. Here are a few SEO hacks that will assist you to maintain your on-page optimization:

a) Keyword density- You must avoid keyword stuffing and make sure the density of keywords is between 0.5% to 1.5%
b) Heading tags-Use heading tags like H1, H2, H3 for highlighting the main points
c) Targeted keywords- Choose the right keyword for your blog. It is suggested to use long-tail keywords as they rank easily. Utilize your focus keywords only once in the first paragraph of your blog, if possible
d) Permalink structure- Utilize an SEO-friendly permalink that includes your focus keyword
e) Meta description- Make sure you write the meta description with your focus keyword in it
f) Keyword rich titles- The title of your blog must be catchy and keyword rich. It is better to use your focus keyword at the starting of your title
g) Optimizing the image- Optimize the images present in your blog posts to improve your search engine optimization status.

If you do not focus on SEO then, it will be difficult for your site to rank well in Google. Following proper SEO techniques will increase domain authority.

3. Internal linking is significant- Wikipedia is one of the best examples of internal linking. Using internal site links helps in reducing the bounce rate. Linking to your earlier blogs will make the current post captivating and informative.

However, there is an important thing that you should always keep in mind. Always link to old posts that are like your earlier written posts. This helps the search engine bots to find your website’s content and crawl them easily.

Internal linking and using backlinks also help in spreading the link all throughout the site. Using a large number of links will allow both the search engines and users to navigate your website easily. While linking internally, ensure that every link is a do-follow link.

4. The frequency of publishing- According to experts, one should choose a publishing frequency for your contents to keep your readers hooked. They will have an idea when they can expect something new and they will visit your website accordingly. However, keeping your audience engaged is not the end. There is more to this.

Most of the search engines favor those websites that are frequently updated. Updates mean adding new content, changing the old content, and developing content from other areas, and basically adding value to online every day. You must set a publishing frequency that is workable and keeps the search engines and the readers engaged.

Share your writing on various social networking websites. Most of the social media websites have a high da. With an increase in social shares, you can reach a new set of audience. And, if the content is good and engaging then it will get a good number of likes and shares.

The result is it will go viral within a short span of time. Remember, even the best content needs promotion and sharing. But, never be a spammer and try to follow a schedule.

5. Develop a responsive website- Building a responsive website is very important. There are large numbers of people who access a website on their mobile phones.

Whether it is smartphones or tablets, if it is connected online, customers will use it for viewing different websites. If they land on your website and find it distorted, they will most probably never return. It is one of the top leading factors that leads to a bad web experience.

Try to think responsive from the initial stage. It has been noted that even the search engines rank high the mobile-friendly sites when compared to the non-responsive ones. For this, there is no need for maintaining two different identities on both the forums. Follow good coding practices so that your website becomes a good, responsive site.

Improving your website’s domain authority will take a lot of time. Even then, it does not get completed. These were few SEO hacks using which you can enhance a website’s da.

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