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Important SEO Techniques for Higher Rankings

Are you all set to double your search traffic? Understanding SEO is important to significantly increase traffic and brand awareness. Right now, thousands of people searching for content like yours. You can assist them to find it by using SEO techniques.

Nearly 40 percent of website traffic comes from a search query. That is the reason why search engine optimization is important. Staying on top of SEO requires a lot of experimentation and research. The algorithms of Google are updated continuously, so it is vital to stay tuned into the recent news. With some practice, you can become an SEO professional.

Every day, people use Google to conduct more than 3.5 billion searches. In the U.S, around 78% of people make use of the web to research certain products and services before purchasing. Once your website starts appearing on the 1st page of Google’s search results, you will attain more visibility. This means traffic doubles, more conversions, and finally, increased income.

Reaching the first page of search results is important. Studies have found that 75% of users do not even click beyond the 1st page.

The 1st three organic search results attain 60% of all traffic from a web search. Leads coming from a search query have around a 14.6% close rate when compared to only 1.7% from channels like direct mail or print advertising.

Why is SEO important?

Here, we have divided the best SEO techniques to help you improve your organic search rankings, including both basic and advanced SEO methods.

Must-Follow SEO Techniques

Check your website’s performance in search- Before we get into the details on enhancing your website’s performance in search, let us take some time to check your present page ranking in the search engine results. Visit Keyword Rank Checker. This is a tool used for determining your page ranking based on the keyword search.

Undoubtedly, your goal is to get your website to the top position. A higher ranking means more organic traffic and should improve the overall ROI of your SEO approach.

Use the right keywords in the right place- You might be already knowing that you must add keywords to those pages that you want to rank. But where you use the keywords is just as significant as how many times you use them. You must ensure that your keyword appears at least once in the title tag of your page.

Improve the user experience across your site- Let us start with a brief explanation of what is Google’s objective as a search engine. Just like any other search engine, their goal is to find the best results for every user’s query. If they are not able to perform on this front, chances are less that the users will use the search engine again. Google does this very well, which is why it is the largest search engine in the world to date!

You must think about that continuous desire to show the best results while you are optimizing your website for SEO. Why? The answer is simple: chances of poor-quality website ranking are less. And Google is getting better at determining the site’s quality.

If your site does not look trustworthy, slow, or outdated, potential users probably bounce back to the SERPs and click on any other result. You will ultimately lose a potential customer, and your bounce rate of affected pages will increase at an alarming rate.

Though it is not officially declared by Google, there is proof to suggest that Google rewards sites that have low bounce rates with good rankings. Google’s logic is that if a customer spends more time on a website, it is possibly because they consider it useful. And as Google wants to deliver the best results to its users, it will push engaging websites.

Create easy-to-read posts- Have you ever heard the phrase, “formatting content for the network”? To increase the organic rankings, we must take a step further and optimize the content for readability.  So, what to do for optimizing your posts for readability? The following tips will help you to increase your content’s readability:

  • Write high-quality content- First, you are wasting your time and energy thinking about any of the points below if your writing is not good. Formatting plays a vital role, but great ideas are also important along with error-free spelling and grammar.
  • Small paragraphs- Generally, one paragraph must include 3 to 4 sentences. You can even use a paragraph with one sentence if needed, but use them carefully or your post may look like a list. Para is a group of related sentences that support one idea, so if you divide a paragraph, your idea can become disorganized and your point will be lost.
  • Rank for the featured snippets- A bit more than 11% of search engine results have a featured snippet. These are the results that show up on search engine result pages usually after the ads but before the ranked results. They are generally alongside a table, image, or video, which makes them stand out and put them in a better position to attract clicks from even the highest rank results.
  • Delete the pages that do not have content or information- These are zombie pages on your site that do not bring any kind of traffic. And when you delete Zombie pages, you will get high rankings and more traffic from Google. An eCommerce site noticed a 31% boost in search engine traffic when they trimmed 11k product pages.

Why is this strategy important?

Well, Google does not rank websites that have low-quality content. Google once stated that they prefer one strong page to many small pages.

A well-designed landing page can boost your lead generation and sales process. The more landing pages you design, the more options you open for incoming search engine traffic. Unfortunately, not numerous B2B companies grasp the significance of using certain landing pages to attract new users.

Create a mobile-friendly website- It is more vital than ever to ensure that your website looks good and performs rightly on mobile devices. Your website must work well on mobile devices. As Google went mobile initially, they substantially improve organic search rankings for sites that work well on mobile devices. More than 60% of daily searches are nowadays performed on mobile.

Optimize your website for voice search- While creating a website, make sure you optimize it for voice search. Voice search started becoming important in 2018. A voice search technology enhances and makes a website more accessible. This trend is going to continue. As most of the voice searches are local, this tip is an absolute must if you own a local business or have targeted customers in a certain area.

Try to put these SEO techniques into practice. We recommend starting with an SEO audit and then update your old SEO before moving on to these SEO techniques. If you want to learn more about SEO and tips to improve search engine ranking, then you can seek SEO training online from reputed institutions. Once done, ensure that your new SEO techniques help you to get positive results.

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