Skills a Digital Marketing Manager needs to be Successful

The digital world is growing at a fast pace, and it can be hard to direct for the newbies or for those who are searching for their niche. So, as a digital marketer, how do you set yourself apart from your competitors and climb the ladder of success in this corporate world?

There are many questions and all of them are very complex.

However, let us first take a close look at a few challenges that a digital marketing manager faces and what are the digital marketing skills they need to have a successful career.

The digital change

One of the biggest challenges a marketing manager faces is to cope up with the fast-moving digital world.

One of the fast-moving sectors in the digital marketing world is Facebook. How much budget should be spent on Facebook advertising as free organic Facebook reach dropped? Options within Facebook ad are also in continuous change and to get accustomed to those changes, one requires an experienced social media marketer in the team or must be hired externally.

Mobile marketing has nowadays become a must-do, as most of the people use their mobile phones to interact with the company, place an order, etc. Mobile advertising, real-time engagement methods must be included.

So, what are the skills digital marketing manager should have?

A) Strategic thinking: If you want to become a successful digital marketing manager, you must think strategically. Strategic thinking is about understanding how other individuals think. If you don’t know how individuals think, you could never understand why people are buying or not buying your products and services. Without knowing that, you might be wasting your money. The reality is, without strategic thinking, you will probably miss out on vital online marketing opportunities.

B) Data Analysis: All of us speak a lot about big data and if a marketer wants to succeed, he or she must understand the information that is available to them. By analyzing the data about the customers, online marketers can attain insights and increase profits. Moreover, they can offer data regarding how valuable marketing campaigns have been.

C) Paid social media advertising: A few years ago, Facebook was the dream of a marketer. Now, with the change in algorithm, you cannot be sure that your content reaches customer’s feeds or not. This is where paid social media advertising comes into existence. One of the important skills of a professional digital marketer is to know how one can reach the target audience through content.

D) Email marketing: Email marketing is a form of communication which is all about bounce rates, niche targeting, conversion, and open rate. A digital marketing manager should be aware of the do’s and don’ts of running an email marketing campaign. It is defined as a powerful marketing tool which is most of the times underestimated but has immense power.

Email subscribers are more likely to purchase when compared to potential customers as their name and email address are subscribed to the list email newsletter subscribers. This means that either they have been an old customer of yours or they have the potential to purchase from you again. Your emails can do the magic. Sending automated emails that come with catchy subject lines with clear and precise info and an engaging call to action can attract lots of subscribers.

E) Sales skills: A successful digital marketer is one who has the ability to sell products and services successfully. One should know how to engage with customers and turn them into sales opportunities. Although it is not the job of digital marketers to close deals directly, they must know how to sell. A digital marketer who does not know to sell is a waste as he or she will not be able to generate any quality leads for the sale team.

F) Content marketing: Content is considered as the foundation of all marketing activities. For engagement and branding, you need blogs, images, eBooks, infographics and much more. An experienced content marketer can improve the SEO results, increase the number of sales, leads and increases the engagement with the audience.

G) Mobile marketing: The rise of smartphones had left many digital marketers unprepared. There are many websites that are not mobile-friendly. Also, they do not have any apps through which customers can engage with the brand. As a digital marketing manager, one must try to figure out mobile marketing strategies using which one can engage with more and more customers.

H) Visual marketing: One of the important marketing strategies that always work for increasing engagement and sharing is using visuals. Several studies prove that marketing that includes visuals results in 100% more engagement. However, this is not a tactic that works only on Facebook. With Twitter permitting visual in the stream, using images prove to be effective.

I) Design skills: Ability to communicate a message in the right way is very important. However, digital marketing is something more than words. A huge part of digital marketing is related to visual appearance. A digital marketing manager must have at least some basic idea about CSS, Photoshop or HTML.

A large part of digital marketing is about visual appearance. Anyone who calls themselves a digital marketer should have at least some basic knowledge of HTML, CSS or Photoshop

1. Search engine optimization: There are two vital parts in this area- optimizing the content of a website for organic search, but also spending money for clicks by using Google Ads. Without spending money for clicks, it will need years of content development and strategic marketing for gaining a place on the 1st page of Google’s search results.

2. The idea of free tools: There are large numbers of free tools available which can act prove beneficial for digital marketing managers. Few of them are Tweet deck, Hootsuite, Facebook Insights, Google analytics, Twitter analytics and much more. Having knowledge about these and other free tools will add immense value to a digital marketing manager’s career.

3. Social media marketing: Every digital marketing manager must understand the different types of social networks and how do social networks and social ad work. They must know where the customers are spending time as it is pointless to waste your attention on any other network. Once marketers have their own choice of network, they can make decisions on tone, scheduling, and branding.

As always, to make a campaign successful, one must keep it consistent. Therefore, #WanderlustContent by National Geographic was so successful. This magazine had asked people to post the photos of travel destination on Instagram and use the hashtag. Lakhs of photos were submitted. It increased awareness, brand development, and publicity.

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