Things you need to know to get a Google Ads Certification

Are you a Google Ads certified professional? It is a common question asked to a candidate who is looking for a job as a PPC marketer. If the answer is yes, then the chances of you getting hired are high. Even if you are a freelancer, the Google Ads certification will help you to attract an end number of clients.

Now let’s learn what it is and how can one become a Google Ads certified professional.

What is Google Ads Certification?

Google Ads certification is a procedure in which Google identifies marketers as professionals in online advertising. After an individual passes two Ads certification exams, he/she gets a personalized certificate.

Like several Google properties, products, and initiatives, this program has evolved for years.
The certification program was a standalone program and one must pay a fee to take up the Google Adwords exam.

The scenario changed when the Google Partners Program was developed. Further, it migrated to Google Academy for Ads in 2018. Individual certification still works, in the same manner, it did earlier before the Google Adwords was renamed as Google Ads.

Over the years, certification has become an important requirement even for an entry-level search marketing role for corporations and agencies.

For those who are doing it for the first time, the process may be confusing. So, here, we have provided a step-by-step guide on how to get certified in the Academy for Ads.

Why should you become a Google Ads Certified Professional?

If you don’t have a Google Ads certification, it doesn’t prove that you are not a professional. However, being an AdWords certified has its own benefits. Few of them are mentioned here:

. Get training from Google: There are few online marketers who are trained by Google. So, being a certified professional by Google, your resume will stand out from the rest. Throughout the certification program, Google will train how to use the Adwords tools in the best way. When you become a Google ad certified professional, you will be regarded as an expert in this.

. Impress your customers: Once you complete your program, your skills with the Google Ads will be endorsed by Google. Being endorsed by Google is considered one of the best ways to impress your customers. It will also help you in increasing the number of clients. The only thing that needs to be done is to sign up with the Google Certification program.

How to get Certified by Google

A) Google Adwords Exam

Completing the Google Ads Professional Training prepares you for the Google AdWords Certified professional exam. Once the course is completed, you must sign up for Google Partners and clear 2 AdWords certification exam. The two exams are AdWords fundamentals exam and any of the ones mentioned below:

. Display Advertising
. Search Advertising
. Shopping Advertising
. Mobile Advertising
. Video Advertising

To pass any of the exams mentioned above, you must score a minimum of 80%. You will be allotted 120 minutes for each exam.

The pattern of the exam:

1) AdWords Fundamentals– It covers topics like basic concepts of AdWords, advantages of AdWords and online advertising and optimizing AdWords campaigns. This exam consists of 100 questions, which needs to be completed in 120 minutes. You must score 80% to clear the exam.

2) Display Advertising– This examination includes advanced concepts and various practices for developing, managing, measuring and optimizing Search campaigns. This exam has 100 questions which the student must attend in 120 minutes. 80% is the pass marks.

3) Search Advertising– The exam covers advanced ideas and different aspects of creating, handling, measuring and optimizing display campaigns. Candidates need to attend 98 questions in 120 minutes. To clear the exam, one must score at least 80%.

4) Video Advertising– It covers the basic practices for developing, handling and measuring video marketing campaigns in web and YouTube. It consists of 74 questions, which the student must complete within a span of 120 minutes. 80% is the pass marks.

5) Mobile Advertising– It covers basic concepts of mobile advertisement, including bidding, format, technique, measuring campaign and optimization. It consists of 74 questions and the time allotted is 120 minutes. One needs to score 80% to clear this exam.

How to prepare for the Ads Certification exam

Before you take up the exam, solve a few practice tests and gain experience in managing Google Ads campaigns.

Google also offers style guides that cover various topics on which the questions are based on.

Steps for becoming a Google AdWords Certified Expert:

1. Visit the Google Partners website and click “Join” Google Partners Program.

2. After you sign up, log in to the program and choose the option, “AdWords”.

3. Attend for the Adwords Fundamentals exam

4. Attend any of the 5 exams, i.e. display advertising, search advertising, mobile advertising and video advertising

Validity of Certification

The validity of the Google AdWords certification is 1 year. After one year, one must attend both the exams to remain a Google AdWords certified expert.

Do you want to be a Google AdWords Certification Professional?

Join Google Adwords Certification course offered by Streamlyn Academy of Digital Marketing, Bangalore. It is the best digital marketing training institute in Bangalore. It is the only institute in PAN India who teaches Programmatic Advertising, the future of Digital Marketing.

Who are eligible for Google Ads Certification?

a) Professionals
b) Students
c) Fresh graduates

Advantages of completing the Google Ads Certification Course from Streamlyn Academy for Digital Marketing

Streamlyn Academy of Digital Marketing is an initiative of Streamlyn Media, a publisher media agency headquartered in Singapore. The students are taught by the digital marketing experts of Streamlyn Media who work with Google Adwords daily. They know budget adherence and bidding strategies very well. They help students build comprehension of AdWords and prepare them for the Google Ads Certification exam.

In Streamlyn, students are asked to create their own ads and promote them by using Google AdWords. The comprehensive training content includes search, video, display, shopping and mobile advertising. The placement cell headed by a placement manager and two executives ensures that students are placed in top multinational companies.

They follow a unique placement process to ensures that students are placed in the best company based on their calibre. Once students complete their training and attain certification, the institution conducts frequent mock interviews.

Becoming a certified professional requires a lot of effort. One must study various study materials and clear the exams. Based on your career path and role, getting certified can take your career to next level.

So, what are you waiting for? Join us and move one step closer towards becoming a Google Ads Certified Professional.

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