Tips for Digital Marketers to work in an organized way

There are times when it seems impossible to work in an organized manner as there is too much of workload involved and you don’t have enough time to complete your tasks. Most of the time, your emails get overflowed and all you want is get over the day so that you can go home and spend some quality time with your friends and family.

However, that is something hard to achieve, because, by the end of your shift, you must put some extra hours for organizing your stuff in such a way that is acceptable in the company where you are working.

Everything you must do to keep your productivity on track

Digital marketing can be defined as a crazy game. Most of the digital marketers have so many projects going on at one time that finding a way to be organized is not a choice- it is a necessity. Between maintaining a record of meetings, managing correspondence with your clients, reviewing and sharing content, and thousands of other tasks you do every day, managing the time to figure out an organizational strategy can fall through the cracks.

No need to worry. We have done all the necessary work for you and gathered essential organization tips every digital marketer should be aware of. If you are feeling overwhelmed and confused, no need to fear. Here are a few tips on organizing your tasks:

. Switching to cloud storage
. Maintaining a checklist which lists all the weekly tasks
. Take your time to create agendas for the meetings

1. Organize files and keep it safe by using cloud storage:
Cloud storage is becoming very popular, and if you have already switched to cloud storage, it might be hard for you to understand why. However, there is a reason why you hear so much about the advantages of cloud storage. No matter, whether you are a digital marketer or not, there are a lot of benefits that you can avail once you move to cloud.

Cloud storage is the best option for digital marketers as it offers features like:

A) Distant file or folder storage: Keeping all the important documents on the local device under a folder called important files or anything that is easy to remember can consume your storage space and slow down your device. When you move things to the cloud server, you can transfer all your files to the cloud, which means that they are being stored in a remote server, thus freeing up more space for other things on your laptop, computer or phone.

B) Enhanced security: How much time you spend in securing your device? Chances are way beyond a password, your devices are safe. Cloud storage platforms come with the resources to secure those data that are stored on their servers in a manner that users cannot match.

C) Sharing is simple: Email is considered as an awful method to work on various collaborative projects. Large files take too much time to send, and you will likely find yourself with different versions of the project than you realize what to do with. Cloud storage platforms make sharing of files and collaborating the documents is as simple as typing a person’s email address.

2. Make meeting agendas and recaps:
Under the role of an account manager or IMC, every digital marketer must make use of client agendas for organizing digital data and run digital marketing campaigns in an efficient manner. Client recaps are also important for recalling any type of important notes from various meetings. They also offer a rundown of what the respective team requires to do what are the things that clients need to do.

3. Make a checklist of all the things that you must do for growing small businesses:
One of the most important digital marketing tips for marketers to keep things organized is maintaining a checklist. Digital marketers are heavily dependent on technology for completing their task. Not only digital mediums make the campaigns organize campaigns properly, but there are many digital marketing experts who depend on various tools and apps to build a digital marketing strategy that works for an organization.

Your strategies can be distracting, mainly when you work in a field that includes sending and receiving messages constantly. That is the reason why it can be hard to use a to-do list and different calendar apps to stay on top of all the tasks- each time you plan to make marketing organized, you are probably interrupted by an email, text or any notification.

Make it simpler by creating a to-do list offline. Get a wall calendar, notebook, a desk calendar, or anything that works best for you, and follow it!

4. Make a detailed note for meetings:
To make digital marketing organized, you must keep track of your things that are discussed in a meeting and what is the plan that is going to be implemented after the meeting. All of us know if we want results from our marketing strategies, we need a proper plan. Having a clearly-defined agenda that has been shared with all your colleagues in advance ensures that you have covered all the important points while you have all in one room or on a single call.

However, preparing notes is not just important for digital marketing organization systems, but they also play a vital role in keeping yourself organized during and after the meeting is finished. It is better to assign someone who can take notes during a meeting, but this is not possible always.

Most of the times it is noted that a keynote speaker is not able to make notes during the meeting. If that is the case, one must spare a few minutes after the meeting finishes to jot down the major points like:

· What is the problem
· Deadlines and goals
· The tasks and the person who is assigned to complete them
· Ideas
· Details regarding the follow-up meetings

5. Filter your email inbox:
All of us have come across those days where our inbox is flooded with endless emails. This can be both stressful and overwhelming. Filtering your inbox in terms of client name will keep your inbox organized and help you respond in the right time. When you start reading your emails, start with one client and go through those emails before you start reading emails from other clients.

6. Organize your file system:
No matter whether you use Dropbox, Google Drive, or any other kind of file manager, as a professional organizer it is important to keep your files organized in the documents folder. This not only makes it easy to find a specific image or file, but it also helps in keeping the entire team organized. In order to do so, you can create a folder under the name of a specific project and keep all the files related to that project inside that folder.

Ordering or numbering conventions can also be helpful, rather than categorizing from A to Z or by most recent. For instance, creating a blog folder and organizing it by week or month can prove to be helpful if you write blog posts every month. Same applies to social media.

You can create a folder under the name, “social media marketing” and keep the details of all social media campaign created by you under this. It will help you maintain a track of all the social media tasks that you have done for a client.

7. Keep your login details handy:
This may sound obvious, but you would be surprised to know that there are many digital marketers who avoid this simple detail. How many times have you tried to log in to a social media account but cannot do so as you are not able to recall the login information?

Possibly more times that you want to admit it. Finally, what you do? You spend 20 minutes to go through your old emails to find that one thread that had the login information in it.

Creating a private document with all important passwords is important for getting things done in an efficient manner. It also helps in maintaining a good relationship with your clients as every time you don’t have to email them saying that you lost their login details and ask them to send it.

These are the tips that will make the tasks of a digital marketer organized but before that obviously you must become a professional digital marketer. Right? Have you ever thought about it? Do you have the skills to become a digital marketer?

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