Top Highest Paying Digital Marketing Jobs

Statistics show that by the year, 2021, Indian internet traffic would be 291 times higher than it was earlier in 2005. With such promising figures, the future will bring in plenty of digital marketing job opportunities.

Undoubtedly, the digital era in India has revolutionized the way brands are carrying their marketing strategies and digital operations. Moreover, digital marketing has gradually become an important part of eCommerce business with its effect felt in all the sectors. While surfing the internet, you must have come across funny and cool memes, sometimes irritating and useful ads, viral videos, amazing mobile apps, blogs etc. Have you ever thought of creating any of these? If yes, then you can by building a career in digital marketing.

After reading this, the first thing that might have crossed your mind is: What is the scope of digital marketing, what are the roles involved and many such things. No worries. By the time, you finish reading this blog, all your questions will be answered.

Always remember one thing, there will never be a scarcity of digital job opportunities in the coming days. Here is a list of digital marketing jobs that are high in demand and will remain to be at the top in the future also.

Why Digital Marketing?

The world is moving towards digital and by 2020, all the brands across the globe including India will have a strong online presence, giving rise to lots of career opportunities.

Studies have discovered that digital marketing in India is expanding 10 times faster compared to traditional marketing. Firms engaged in online trading are creating multiple online marketing jobs in India.

It offers you multiple career options. If you find coding interesting, you can be a web developer or if you love writing, choose content writing as a career. The list goes on….

Internet Marketing Jobs

1. Digital Marketing Manager:

It is one of the top marketing jobs in this field. To reach this position, one must have 5 to 7 years of experience in this industry. A digital marketing head should have a solid knowledge of marketing and business. They should be familiar with strategic planning and implementation, financial forecasting.

He/she must come up with ideas that will increase traffic, run marketing campaigns and suggest improvements in website etc. They must be able to assign tasks and holding strong on decisions.

2. UX designer & Web Developer:

UX designers are those who are responsible for end-to-end website development and other types of digital marketing applications. These designers focus on understanding the need behind developing the website. For this, they must first understand the client’s products and services.

If you chose to be a web developer then, you have to do coding, revamping the functionalities of the website to make it appealing to the audience. Knowledge in JavaScript, JQuery and other web development methodologies are required in this role.

3. SEM/ SEO specialist:

Search engine optimization (SEO) and Search engine marketing (SEM) play a vital role while running marketing campaigns.

Those irritating and useful ads about which we discussed above are developed by these people. They are the ones who generate lots of leads for the company. SEM/PPC expert must manage PPC keywords, refine the landing pages, split ad groups, generate lead reports etc.
Basically, every business wants to rank high, so they will require search engine marketer who has experience in this field. This trend is not going to fade away, especially when digital technology is going to grow at an alarming rate.

A well-designed and informative website is of no use if the company does not promote it online. This is when a company requires an SEO executive who will make the company’s website found on the web. He is responsible for bringing traffic on the site and improving the search rankings in Google. He should ensure that the content is search friendly, build sitemaps, do keyword research etc.

4. Social Media Manager:

Social media jobs are one of the coolest jobs but don’t think that it just involves Facebooking and Tweeting. There is much more to do. A social media executive must keep a check on the current social media trends and plan different strategies, communicate with the client servicing and content team daily. A lot of creativity and knowledge about different social media platforms is a must for this job profile.

5. Content Manager:

Content management is much more than writing and social media activities. A content marketing professional must not only know how to write SEO friendly content but should also know how to research, organize and manage it properly.

They need to know how to write stellar content that works on different channels. Content managers should manage the team of writers, develop the content calendar, create engaging videos, and many other activities. If you believe that you can write much better content than what is present on the web then, you are the fit for this role. If you want to choose a content marketing career, you should be creative and have a strong command over English.

6. Email Marketer:

Email marketing is an example of a specialized area of content marketing. It is basically a lead generating activity and therefore, specialists would mostly be working with content manager/digital marketing executives. People who want to be an email marketer should be knowledgeable in marketing and should also know to edit and copywriting.

7. Artificial Intelligence experts and analysts:

Artificial Intelligence is one of the hottest trends in the digital marketing world. As per the report by Indeed, the demand for people with Artificial Intelligence skills has increased rapidly in the past 18 months. While many think that AI will replace jobs soon, still it is generating new positions, as companies need highly-skilled professionals to develop and maintain wide varieties of applications.

If this field interests you, then you should have a solid understanding of machine learning and data optimization. You should also be good at programming. As the world is becoming more data dependent, the demand for data analysts will never go down.

8. Conversion rate optimizer:

Conversion rate optimization is the method of growing the conversion ratio in every stage of the marketing funnel. A conversion rate optimizer is a part of the digital marketing team, but he/she has to coordinate with many other people.

A conversion rate optimizer can assist the inbound marketing manager to create landing pages. A CRO specialist uses different tools to attain higher conversions. There are large numbers of tools using which one can understand how people are interacting with the landing pages.

Now, the question arises that to be in any of these roles, what should be done?

You don’t need a special degree to get into a digital marketing job, but yes, a certification in digital marketing will set you apart from your peers.

Streamlyn Academy offers the best digital marketing training courses in Bangalore that include all the important aspects of Digital Marketing. The institute located in Bangalore not only focus on giving theoretical knowledge to students, but also believes in practical training.

This is the only institute in India that teaches Programmatic Advertising along with SEM, SEO, PPC, Email marketing, SMM etc. This institute has full-time digital marketers working in Streamlyn Media, a media publishing house with headquarters in Singapore. These trainers teach topics by giving examples of those projects on which they are currently working. It helps students understand what’s going on in the industry right now.

Streamlyn Academy has a dedicated physically active placement cell that caters the job requirements of the students. They have tie-ups with over 200 companies across India where their students are placed. Another thing that makes this academy stand different from other training institute is the digital marketing internship they provide to students. They offer 2 months internship for trainees.

Sounds interesting? Want to know more about digital marketing careers? Get in touch with our experts.


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