Top Social Media Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Often, we hear people saying, Social media marketing does not work. The reality is Social media marketing might not be working for a certain individual because he or she probably is not doing it the right way.

Every brand, no matter small or big must have a social media presence in this digital world. Presence in social media does not mean many leads, customers or sales. It can be defined as a two-way method where one can build a community, increase his or her reach and understand what people think about you.

If you think that a person who can create a social media account in all the social media channels can do social media marketing in an easy way then, you are wrong. It is something more than this. And when as a media marketer you are at it, it is better to avoid a few common mistakes that will ultimately help you increase the ROI.

Social media can be tricky at time, and it is a thing that most of the small businesses fear. So, if you are brave enough and have certain social media goals to achieve, you are ahead of your competitors. However, there are many common social media mistakes that a social media manager commits. These can cause damage to the reputation of a brand.

Let’s have a look at a few social media marketing mistakes to avoid and the way how those can be fixed.

1) Social media strategy: The strength of your social media marketing strategy can determine whether you will achieve success on social media or not. If you do not have any digital marketing strategy and just do the posting at whim then, you will end up confusing your customers and they may start considering your brand to be unreliable.

If you do not have good content, it is hard to see any return on investment (ROI) and probably your social media accounts may flop. This is the point where an experienced content marketer is required who can draft such content that can turn visitors to customers.

How to fix it
• Before doing anything, do proper research
• Decide which are the social media platforms that you are planning to use for posting. Plan of what are things that you are planning to post, who is your target audience. Think about the available resources- are you going to post or is there a dedicated team for this?
• What are the KPIs and metrics that you are using for measuring the results? Have a look at your content also. Find out topics that will attract your audience.

2) Engagement: Acting in an impersonal manner towards your followers or maybe just ignoring them is one of the common social media marketing mistakes that should be avoided. No matter whatever is the size of your business, ignoring interactions and comments from the audience is one of the media mistakes that online marketers do.

Regardless of the size of a business, one should never ignore comments from the audience. It is in one way showing disrespect to the audience. This is not the only thing. Both Facebook and Instagram utilize an engagement algorithm to decide what type of content will be featured in the user’s timelines, and comments are a vital part of the whole decision procedure.

Will your customer service team avoid a face-to-face visitor or a phone call? No. Right? Then, the notifications on social media channels too should not be avoided.

How to fix it
• Treat your customers with tolerance, kindness and empathy, regardless of whatever is said.
• Answer every comment within a respectable time frame. Try to answer on the same day, preferably in an hour.
• Never ignore the negative messages.
• The replies from your end will tell a lot of things about a brand. Your customers will be excited to receive helpful info from your end whereas other customers will get the impression that you care about your customers.
• More you engage with your audience; more likely they will turn into brand ambassadors helping them in marketing your products and services.

3) Investment: If you are new to digital media and does not have much idea about social networking sites then, you might not be interested in investing in paid social media advertising, mainly if you do not know what ROI is.

However, if you do not dedicate some money to social media ads, you may miss out some opportunities. Paid ads are regarded as one of the cost-effective ways used for reaching a wide audience of new potential clients. These ads also help in targeting a certain demographic.

How to fix it:
• Have a look at your social media marketing strategy and find out where can you make investments
• If you want good results from email marketing then, you should invest in buying a good email marketing platform. It will help in managing campaigns to send automated emails in bulk
• To reach new customers, use paid ads

4) Content: If you keep on posting the same article again and again or if all the content that you are posting is about the same topic then, you will not achieve the desired results. People visit social media for entertainment, info. There are a few brands on social media who can get the correct combination of both.

How to fix it:
• Avoid posting only about your business and work. Try to include light-hearted posts, like for example something about how your day was, a funny story or something inspiring. Some of the best posts are like this, the light ones.

Readers are eager to know about the person behind the brand. They want to know the whole story, and nothing can be a better plan than social media to share it.

5) Checking the results: Simply keeping on posting on social media channels won’t produce beneficial results in the future. Forgetting to check and measure your social media results can have a bad impact on a brand’s image.

How to fix it:
• Try to incorporate all the information that social networking sites offer. You can track how many people saw your post, how many reacted to it etc.
• Compare all your social media posts and find out which is the one that is performing well. Following that, use the same information to shape your next strategy as well as posting schedule. If for example, a picture or video gets a good response from your audience then, it will be better to generate more contents like that in the future.

6) Messaging tone: Using an overly promotional tone is one of the common social media marketing mistakes that many people do. Always keep in mind that customers are not interested in receiving marketing messages whenever they log onto their social media accounts. You might be proud of your product or service and might be thinking that social media is the right place to sell, but don’t force your followers to agree on your thoughts.

How to fix it:
• Follow the 80/20 rule. Make sure that 80 per cent of your post contains non-promotional content and the remaining 20 per cent can include a self-promotional message.
• Following this ratio will ensure that your audience is happy, which in turn will drive traffic to the site.

7) Too many social media accounts to handle: There are many businesses who believe in building a presence in all the social networks. In this regard, they set up all the accounts and try to manage all of them in one stretch.

How to fix it:
• It is better to hire a marketing professional and let him or her handle not more than 2 to 4 social media accounts.
• Prioritize your efforts on the social media networks that produce profits for your business

8) Depending too much on marketing automation: One of the common social media mistakes is depending too much on automatic posting. This is not what social media is meant for. People use social media to interact with each other. If your customers feel that your posts are automated or if they get a feeling of impersonal exchange, then gradually they will start building a distance from your brand.

How to fix it:
• Have a personal touch in your social media presence
• Avoid posting content automatically on your social media channels
• Think of new ways to entertain and inspire your audience

These are a few mistakes that most of the social media specialists commit. As we all know any kind of mistake can be avoided if an individual has the right knowledge about that thing. Likewise, the above-mentioned social media mistakes can also be avoided with the right digital marketing training. There are large numbers of digital marketing training institutes in different parts of India that offer digital marketing training.

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