Ways to Boost your Business Profits with Digital Marketing

Have you ever thought when you explore a shopping site for checking your favorite clothing collection, later of which you begin receiving the ads of the same collection on other online platforms also? Somehow, you forget to purchase an item and a few minutes after you get an email stating that, “ you have one unbilled item in your shopping cart.”

Have you ever wondered that there are so many sites related to similar businesses, but why only a few of them are appearing on the 1st page of Google while you search for products and services?

There are several things that may strike your mind; however, there are only a few who are aware of how digital magic happens. The answer to all these queries related to “Have you ever” is digital marketing.

Let us check out some of the benefits of digital marketing

Digital marketing has become the most important sensation of this millennium as well as act as a savior for all kind of businesses. It can be defined as a set of tools along with marketing strategies for promoting your brands and services through the online medium.

From small businesses to large firms are following a similar agenda for their survival which is gaining profit and digital marketing helps them to attain that profit. The marketers and entrepreneurs are aware that the World on the path of digitization so as their clients.

Therefore, they are not left with any of the ways which can be appreciated highly and recommended by customers, i.e. internet marketing. As most the individuals are already privileged by benefits of digital marketing, let us discuss for those who are new to digital marketing and how it can boost their sales and profits in a few simple steps?

A) Make your online presence: The first and the most important task is to make your business presence online. There are various online marketing ways using which you can tell about your business to your customers. Some of the ways through which you can inform your business to your target audience are through social media promotions, websites, etc.
This process making your business popular among your audience is known as business branding. In India, where there are over 465 million active internet users, it offers a large platform to work on.

Additionally, mobile devices are considered as another savvy technology that has made all our lives easier for grabbing information about any type of products and services and buy them. Therefore, if you want to make huge business profits then, it is very important to use the internet.

For having a profitable small business, create your own site, register your business name on various social media networks, if you want to have some major advancements. Never forget to answer all the queries you receive on the online platform. Replying to each one of them creates a good impression.

B) Promote your business through social media: One of the strongest and easiest ways to attain visibility for your business is to register the name of your brand for paid promotions which can be anything like Instagram ads, Facebook ads, LinkedIn ads and much more.

For instance, if we take only Facebook into consideration, there are nearly 2.6 billion active users in this social media channel who are searching for new and dependable sources. Statistically, over 25% of the total time spent online is on social media and about 60% of online purchasing takes place based on social media comments and reviews.

These statistics make it clear that more the business has visibility on social media, more it will help the business to earn profits. Facebook provides a wide range of promotions for those who want to start a business and make a profit from it. As a business owner, you must decide how you want to use Facebook to improve your business. Whether you want to just increase the likes or use Facebook as a conversion driver for your business.

Similarly, if we take Instagram into account, today’s generation is spending most of their time in this social media platform with more than 700 million active users every month. Digital marketing experts can share their content on Instagram through filtered photos. It is one of the natural methods to share the content for your company.

C) Pay Per Click (PPC): It is one of the ideal ways to improve digital marketing results. If you do not follow a PPC strategy, then there are chances that you will lose nearly 10 to 15% of customers who click on sponsored ads. There are large numbers of digital marketing companies that optimize PPC campaign for those who do not have an idea about how to optimize a PPC campaign or you can hire experts also who are aware of the various digital marketing tricks.

D) Search Engine Optimization: Search engine optimization is one of the most important digital marketing strategies which has helped many top digital marketing experts to achieve profitable results. It is content-based marketing for driving sales and traffic. It is the longest and an unpaid method, or we can say it is the most cost-effective method to help a business reach those areas that one can never think of.

If you start an online business and if it does not appear in the 1st page of Google search then, you cannot earn profits. As per the reports, nearly 80% of users do not go beyond the 1st page of Google when they look for any kind of information. If your website does not appear in the top 10 results, then you will not get the traffic that is required to attain sales.

E) Develop and share video content: These days, the video is one of the main mediums used for conveying a brand’s message. People spend over 5 hours a day in viewing video content online for their buying decisions. This number makes it clear that in the coming days’ video marketing is going to become popular and it will be the main source for generating maximum leads.

You will come across large numbers of organizations who mainly prefer video for sharing their company’s message. They consider video to be a better way when compared to texts as video content provides more visualization and a human touch than any other type of content sharing methods.

F) Email marketing: The email is not just meant for the official purpose, there are many other things attached to it. The more strategic and targeted you become, greater will be your conversion rate. For instance, if you are having an eCommerce business, you must be having a lot of data about your clients and you can use those for your benefit.

You must have reviled an uninhibited shopping cart, but what are the steps you are going to follow for reversing this trend? You can choose triggered marketing through emails that have mentioned the products that are left in the cart. A sequence of 3 emails is effective as soon as the shopping cart is abandoned. The first email sent immediately, the second 24 hours later and another one after a week. This will act as a backup source of your customers.

G) Generate relevant content: If you want your brand to attain maximum exposure, you must create relevant content associated with your campaign or brand to offer your customers the right information what they are searching for. The content can be of any type: video, blogs interviews, testimonials, visuals, website content, etc.

If you want your content to attain maximum exposure, you must start writing blogs for other sites who are in the same field. It is known as Content Marketing. Keep in mind the current content marketing trends while writing. This will help you to come up with informative and engaging content.

H) Measure your actions: Trying various digital marketing tactics is good, however, it won’t prove to be helpful if you do not measure your campaigns and efforts. After measuring, find out what are the tricks that you can use to make it better. Which are the devices from where you are getting maximum traffic? Which is your targeting area? All these discoveries are significant if you want to increase the profit margin of your business. For instance, through search console and Google analytics, you can find out how people find your online store and what they do after arriving.

Hopefully, these few tactics will help you to achieve the best results for your business. For those, who are finding these digital marketing efforts complicated can learn how to do media promotions for increasing the profit by enrolling themselves into a digital marketing training course. There are large numbers of digital marketing training institutions that will teach you everything about digital marketing.

One such institute is Streamlyn Academy. We are a renowned digital marketing institute in Bangalore. We are an education initiative of Streamlyn Media, a publisher focused online advertisement organization. We have clients based in over 25 countries across Europe, Asia, North America, and the Middle East. Streamlyn Media holds an experience of 20+ years in cumulative online advertising across web, mobile, social and video marketing.

At the institute, we follow a comprehensive cutting-edge curriculum and course covering the recent strategies and trends of digital marketing. Our course syllabus not only focuses on basic strategies of digital marketing like Google Ads, SEM, SEO but also train students on advanced technologies like a data warehouse, integrations for both sellers and publishers. We train students, graduates, and professionals.

Do you want to get trained by our expert trainers? Reach us.

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