Ways To Build An Audience For Your Blog And Make Money

If you are planning to start blogging, or you are already into it, you have likely found the ends of the earth looking for ways by which you can earn money through blogging. While there are several options through which one can make money online, you must ensure that you remain persistent and true to a specific set of criteria.

If you can do that then, you will probably achieve success in the future. On the contrary, if you are unable to do so then, all your efforts will be wasted.

There are various ways using which you can earn profit from blogging. But before you reach that position, you must build your personal blog that has useful and informative content.

Now, it can take too much time, or it can be done within a short span of time. You will come across large numbers of blogs through which people are earning six to seven figures income in a year. It is not easy, but it’s not impossible too.

Therefore, if you want to start a blog content in the future, or you are already a blogger then, there are a few things that you must know and follow.

Have you ever thought what makes a blog successful?

Every blogger who has experienced success by building a blog knows that it’s not that simple to create a blog. Not only you must get it off the ground and address various issues, but you must also be attentive to it. Here’s what you must do.

a. Add interesting and informative content every day- Publishing content just a few times in a month is not enough. If your motto is to engage an audience then, you must write blogs on a weekly basis. You must write compelling content that will increase the number of blog audience.

The more niche your blog is and bigger is the niche, you will experience success sooner. There are some content writers who can write five to six articles or blogs in a day, on a regular basis for at least a year, before they start making money.

b. Grow your audience- It’s not only about creating informative content and maintaining the blog platform consistently; you must nurture your audience too. This means responding to the messages and replying to comments, building a community through the help of email marketing and developing a Facebook group where you can have a conversation with them regularly.

c. Engage the audience with storytelling- If you are good at storytelling, it will be very simple for you to earn extra money through blogging. The fact is that people are interested in reading engaging content. That is possible only through a powerful piece of content. The better you are at making concepts clear through storytelling, the faster you will be able to grow the number of audiences.

D. Attracting readers strategically: You must attract readers for blog growth. No matter whether it is through understanding SEO and internet marketing or through guest blogging on other popular blogs, this should be done in the right way. The more you have the idea and understand the mechanics of such strategies, the better and faster you will be able to increase your number of audiences with time.

e. Stay topical: Blogs are written by staying topical. That is how the readers are attracted. If you are writing anything about technology then, do not start writing on topics related to self-improvement.

If for instance, you are writing on topics, like ways to make good money, then you should not start discussing health insurance. Focus on one topic so that you can offer some certainty to your readers about the topic and make the search engines like Google satisfied.

However, the good news is that through the right content marketing strategy one can earn extra income.

There are various ways through which you can earn a huge amount of money by blogging. The better understanding you have about sales funnels, webinars, and conversion rate optimization, more possibilities are that you will be able to earn a huge profit. It will take time.

So, do not get discouraged in the initial days. You will require a persistent effort from your end to get positive results. However, if you follow it strictly, you can generate numerous options for part-time income from your content. This way, you can avoid every day’s hustle bustle.

1. Advertising- Advertising income from popular platforms like AdSense and others is not going to pay the bills necessarily unless you have huge traffic. Ads tend to slow down the speed of a site, which in turn affects user experience. This affects the search engines results. Make sure you do not place too many ads on your website.

2. Podcasts- While podcasts might not help you to earn a direct income, but they can help in building and growing the number of audiences. You can utilize your blog platform to promote your blog as well as content further. Similarly, like blogging, you must stay consistent with this too if you want to increase your number of audiences.

c. Affiliate marketing- Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to earn income. Even if you have a small number of audiences, based on the earnings capability per sale, you could make a huge revenue with the help of affiliate marketing. However, if you have a substantial list, it is better to start your promotions early.

d. Webinars and events- Another best way to earn money from a blog is to host webinars and events. These can be anything like conferences, meetups, virtual gatherings, and in-person.

It’s totally up to you. You will possibly make a huge amount of money in the fastest way. Add value at the front over everything else and you will see the profits growing.

e. Quality content- Create the best content and charge an amount for the same. You can place your content and get the payment. If you have an online community and the readers trust you for delivering value, and you are good at building an instructional content, consider the premium content with a monthly subscription.

f. Digital info items– From audio books to eBooks and several other digital products, these are a great revenue source for the blog if they are related to the topic about which you have written earlier. It involves too much work to develop value-laced digital info items, but it is worth. When you mix these with an operative sales funnel, the sky is the limit.

g. Courses- Online course is a great medium to make money from a blog. You can either sell them on your blog directly, or you can influence several platforms. While these platforms help in earning a huge revenue, there are many platforms that are developed for online marketers.

h. Email marketing- It is one of the best ways to make money through blogging, but it needs an audience. You might have heard that the money is in the list, but no true words have been articulated. The estimate is approximately $1 for subscribers on your list each month if you approach it in the right manner. Create a list by developing a lead magnet and an email earning sequence, even if you do not have a product for selling.

i. Focus on selling services- You can sell different services from your blog like design, coaching, and consulting. No matter what you think about it, blogs are the best source of attracting organic traffic. You can utilize it for marketing by utilizing Google Pixel or any social network like Facebook for remarketing those users who have read your content by showing a relevant ad to them across online.

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