Ways to Choose the Best Email Software for A Business

If you have a site, you must have an email list. Whether it is an eCommerce website, an online forum, a blog or any other kind of website, building an email list will help you to directly message your leads, customers, and your biggest fans whenever you have something to say. You won’t have to wonder if they read your blog or saw your latest social media post, with email marketing your message is sent directly to their inbox. Moreover, as per HubSpot, nearly 99% of customers check their email regularly.

But you simply cannot open your Gmail account and start sending emails. Why? First, that is time-consuming. Also, you won’t be able to find out when somebody is opening your email or clicks on any of your links. You require email marketing software that allows you to automate your email marketing, tracks click and opens, allows you to create professional-looking, and attractive emails that your subscribers will open and read.

But with plenty of email marketing services in the market, how do you select the one that is perfect for you? Based on the kind of website you have, your requirements, and your budget, not every email marketing service will be right.

So, here let’s see how to find the best email marketing software for your business.

Easy to use

If you are new to email marketing, you must make sure that the email marketing software you choose is simple to use. Luckily, many of the best email marketing services make it very simple to develop one-off emails and email campaigns that are not just functional but looks great also.

Look for an email marketing service that comes with a drag and drop email builder. With drag and drop email builders, even the beginners will learn to create great emails. If you don’t have much confidence in your email designing skills, even with a drag and drop email builder, try to find an email marketing service that offers several pre-built email templates that can be used. With email templates, you need to just replace the images and text using your own idea.

Consider the Kind of Emails You Want to Send

Next, you must consider the kinds of emails you need to send your subscribers. Based on the kind of website you have, you may need to send a welcome mail to the new customers or subscribers, e-newsletters, and so on.

For example, if you have an eCommerce website, you will want to send abandoned car emails to your clients. Every email marketing service will not give permission to do this, so you will want to find one that does.

You will also want to pay close attention to the various personalization features of email marketing software. Personalizing your emails is vital. In fact, as per Campaign Monitor, a personalized email message enhances click-through rates by an average of nearly 14% and conversion by about 10%. Sending email messages that are personalized to an individual’s exact requirements and the situation will give you great results.

Have a look at additions

You must also ensure that the email marketing software you choose integrates seamlessly with other software. Integrating your email software with your most-liked web services and apps will help you to do more with email marketing.

For example, if you have an online store with Shopify, you want the email marketing software to incorporate with Shopify to automate your email marketing that depends on the actions your clients take in your store. Or, you may also want to choose an email marketing software that mixes with a tool like Automate.io. This tool allows you to connect your email marketing to more than 100 popular apps like Hubspot, Google Sheets, Salesforce, Gmail, Facebook Lead Ads, and so on.

Pricing and Plans

If you have just started your business or launched your website, following a strict budget is significant, so you will want to consider pricing and plans. Obviously, you do not want to pay for an email marketing software that does not help you in doing things that you want to do, even if it affordable. On the contrary, you do not need to spend money on a robust solution with several features that are of no use to you.

So, if you are a beginner, rather than paying a bunch of money from the beginning, choose an email marketing software that helps you to grow along with them. Several email marketing services provide a scalable rating.

With a scalable rating, you can start by paying a small amount for 2000 subscribers and 12,000 emails a month, for instance. As your business and email list grow, you can upgrade to an expensive plan that provides large numbers of features and the capability to send unlimited emails to a lot of subscribers.

Do a test

Similarly, like you would test drive a car before purchasing it, you should test the email marketing software too. You will never realise if something is right for you till you try it. Fortunately, most of the email marketing services provide free trials, so that before buying you can try it.

By following these tips, you can choose the right email marketing software that suits your business needs. Now that you are aware of the basic qualities of email software, it is time to have a look at the top email marketing software available in the market.


It is a Windows-based email management tool that helps organizations to operate several accounts in a simple way. Most of the time, Mailbird creates a unified inbox, letting you incorporate calendar apps and customize the look. It includes built-in apps like Twitter, Facebook, Dropbox, and so on. It is an intuitive and simple email management solution, which makes it useful for beginners.


This email marketing software is designed mainly to serve business users who handle several accounts. It works with the Microsoft email ecosystem, which includes contacts, mail, tasks, and calendar. Using this software, you can remove clutter from your inbox and navigate through the significant messages easily. The software makes it simple for users to compose messages, as it does not include any fancy formatting features in “Compose Window”. The calendar and to-do-list features will help you handle your email campaign in a much better way. The only drawback of this tool is that it supports only Microsoft-based email.

eM Client

eM Client is another full-featured email client. It is as same as Hiri, as it comes with the calendar and task features. However, it also features a chat feature, that makes it simple for you to communicate with anyone from your team without composing the whole message. You can also migrate messages from Gmail and other email service providers. The best thing about this software is it comes with plenty of extra features like automatic translation, encryption, and delayed send.


Trove helps you to use a company’s email to its fullest. There, you will find several contacts that you are not using properly. Maybe your next corporate partner, star employee or your next customer is there; you need to discover them.

This software will find meaningful relations between your contacts, so you can make use of that information to make connections with professionals. You can search using your inbox by using a title, archetypes or name. If, for instance, your search for “writers in Chicago”, Trove will help you to find them. These people are already available in your contacts, so it will be easy to begin a discussion based on your history.


This is a management tool that combines a calendar, contacts, and email.  You can incorporate it with Yahoo, Gmail, Office 365, iCloud, Outlook, and Exchange. Boxer makes emailing simpler though suggested email replies, calendar sharing, and folder organization.


Front helps in getting all your emails, app, and teammates in a convenient cooperative environment. When the whole team is involved in a marketing campaign, sending messages to various teammates can be difficult. With Front, you can handle the assignments and make email communication within the team more efficient.

Spam Titan

Handling corporate email would be much simpler if you don’t have to deal with spam, isn’t it? With Spam Titan, the whole thing becomes very simple. This is not a classic email management tool, but it can be used in regular emailing practices. Spam Titan will block more than 90% of spam and many threats, like phishing attempts, illicit content, malware and much more.

We understand the fact that email software can have both positive and negative effects on your marketing strategy based on the platform you select and how it reverberates with your business so, choose the right software.

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