Ways to Grow your Digital Marketing Career

Are you a marketing professional who is just starting his career? Are you among those who want to advance your digital marketing career, but don’t have any idea how to do so? 

If yes, you should keep on improving your skills to attain a competitive edge. But, how to do so?
Before doing so, check these interesting facts:

· Nearly 85% of working professionals dedicate 30 minutes every week for job-specific learning exercises. In addition, they would like to devote their time to improve themselves, but they are not able to manage their time for it.

· 68% of employees use online learning platforms to enhance their skills so that they can grow in their digital marketing career, and another 62% are looking for experts and influencers.

· Most of the people who want to join a marketing team prefer online training and more than half of them use mobile devices for learning online marketing.

If you are among those who want to start your digital marketing career then, it is very important to follow a proactive approach to improve your skills and attain a valuable experience. Rather than waiting for the employer to provide you with professional development, a marketing specialist should act on their own choice. For entry level, who want to start their marketing career can utilize various online resources to enhance their career and, most importantly, secure advanced placements.

Marketers who follow a more aggressive approach to improve their skills will be awarded many new opportunities as employers are always in search of highly skilled and talented individuals to do the digital marketing job.

Here are a few ways how professionals can improve themselves further for this competitive world. One who wants a growing career should not think about how to make more money but should focus on improving his/her skills.

1) Select a speciality:

Choosing a specialization plays a vital role. The ability to market yourself depending on your differentiation makes a big difference in one’s career in digital marketing. It shows how competitive you are. Does it sound scary?

The reality is that you probably have the skills that make you stand out from the crowd-you may just have to be creative and understand how you can grow and market yourself.

The thing that matters is choosing something based on your natural aptitude and priorities, along with your career goals. Are you a tech person who wants growth in digital marketing career? Are you planning to move into the marketing or creative side? If so then, social media or SEO can be your thing.

Are you a business expert who loves writing? If you nodded your head as yes then, the role of the content marketer is for you. There are a lot of opportunities for social media managers and content managers.

Here are a few areas that will continue to be in demand in the area of digital marketing:

· Mobile marketing
· Social media
· Video production
· Web designing and development
· Copywriting
· Digital publishing
· Strategy and project management
· Analytics

2) Show what are the things you know:

Finding a specialization is the first important step for a rewarding career path for a digital marketer. However, once you have taken an inventory of what you are best at and what you want to learn, you must show others what exactly you can do. This part is something more than creating a portfolio, although it depends on what stream you choose to focus on.

It depends on your portfolio. Copywriters, web designers, project manager and graphic designers will obviously want to have a collection of work to show those to the prospective employers.

But the opposite side of this is marketing. Sure, you might have great pieces in your portfolio that you have accomplished while working in the digital media, but how are the clients going to know about it? How can you let them understand that your knowledge and skills will help their brand attain benefits? Will they be able to understand your process to offer you the digital marketing analyst role?

You must not only learn a new skill but also understand how to show it to the right people, which often includes tandem business and communication skills that show you know how to communicate and work with digital channels.

3) Understand consumer behaviour:

The old model of interruptive marketing does not exist, and there is a new one now, where customers have plenty of options and have more access than earlier.

Buying in one click and moment marketing are two ways that clients are buying online these days. They are moving away from interruptive marketing and into something that is categorized by a high level of access and choice.

The result is that the business and marketing theories that you have learned in your business school maybe ten years ago are possibly totally different or are at least moving in a different direction.

4) Start your own projects:

To practice, you will have to put your own work, no matter whether you are officially certified as a digital marketer or not. One part is building a portfolio, and another is showing how well can you think and learn new things by yourself.

You must learn on an ongoing basis for the rest of your professional life to stay competitive in this digital marketing industry, so you may as well opt for it now and share your idea with the world as part of personal marketing.

5) Be a leader:

These days there are many who are working for themselves or joining a smaller team of people with varied skills. You must showcase your capacity to lead in a marketing and business context in a big way.

However, this does not mean that you must lead the projects, but if you have a freelancing experience, for example, you can discuss how you have managed your own business, developed a project plan with customers and addressed accounting among several other things.

The point is to show to the company that you can take any initiative and stay organized. You must come up with original ideas and should not fear to talk in front of a group.

If you have a special skill then, you must act like an influencer by developing a unique online presence. Building authority in this manner is one of the best ways to showcase yourself as a professional and come out as an expert.

6) Knowledge in social media:

As far as influencers are concerned, social media skill is a must-have. Even if you do not specialize in it, you should have at least the basics and must be able to manage a few social media accounts. You must not only stick to posting cool images and captions but should engage within the network.

Even though social media is not your speciality, showing that you have strong knowledge in it is important if you want to grow your digital marketing career.

7) Networking:

One of the advantages of joining online training classes or digital marketing training institute is that you will be able to interact with peers who are looking for digital marketing training. However, it’s not only in digital marketing training classes where you can meet people-you probably know how easy it is to build a network online or be a part of the digital community. The early you start, the more benefit you will enjoy!

Whether you want to discover more about a specific field, say, for example, lead generation or you want to grow in a specific field then, here are a few digital marketing career growth tips that can help you move forward in your career:

1) Use LinkedIn to contact people at companies or in jobs that you prefer
2) Use Facebook for finding the group of interest
3) Attend conferences and meetings whenever possible
4) Find an experienced trainer and discuss with them
5) Find job postings on Twitter and have a conversation about those topics in which you have interest

8) Getting technical:

Even if you are not experienced in technical, you should have at least a basic knowledge of things like web designing, SEO. Getting an idea on this will help you move forward in your career. It is very important to know these facets of business because probably you will be working with a team on marketing and content activities. Therefore, you will need to be able to discuss these things in depth to ensure that a successful digital marketing strategy is followed.

9) Get certified from a reputed institution:

You must have across classes for copywriting, marketing and sometimes may be coding, many of which you can also learn from the comfort of your home. But, don’t just choose anything that “looks good.” Do proper research. Why?

Because many clients and employers prefer those candidates who have undergone legitimate training from a reputed digital marketing institution.

There is a lot of information available online using which you can learn digital marketing of your own. It is very important to keep on learning new things as this field keeps on evolving. However, getting training from a reputed training institution will give you a competitive edge on your peers.

10) Online training:

The advantages of learning online are huge. The best part is you can learn anywhere, complete the courses at your own pace, and some of the online courses are cheaper when compared to the fees charged by a training institution. If you are among those who want to grow your digital marketing career but, do not have enough time to seek training from a training institution then, online training is the best option.

11) Training from Streamlyn Academy:

If you are looking for marketing jobs, want to grow your digital career or want to learn a new skill in the digital marketing world then, getting trained by Streamlyn Academy can also prove to be beneficial. It is the best digital marketing training institute in Bangalore.

The institute teaches digital marketing along with Programmatic Advertising, the future of digital marketing. The trainers at the institution are highly skilled and hold several years of experience in this domain. The institution provides paid internship to students from the 2nd month of classroom training for gaining practical experience. Till date, the institute has gained a placement record of 93%.

If you too want to grow in your digital marketing career then, join us!

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