Ways To Set And Reach Social Media Marketing Goals

Undoubtedly, social media marketing works for businesses of all kinds. But there are a lot of companies who feel that determining the actual ROI of a social media campaign is not a simple task. This has led them to boycott social media altogether.

However, the fact is social media marketing is just like any other kind of digital marketing, where we can measure the ROI in an easy manner. Although it may sound challenging for some, mainly to those businesses who do not have the right media presence.

As per a survey was done by a media company, nearly 41% of businesses said that they were not aware of how social media helped them to attain favourable returns.

So, have you ever thought of why it is difficult for companies to measure the impact of social media on their business?

The answer is simple. It is due to lack of proper social media goals. When you plan a social media strategy, you must have clarity on how you will get the results. But, without setting strategic goals, you will not have a proper direction, making your overall social media presence suffer.

Let us have a look at how to set social media goals that will help you to achieve results.

. Specific: The more precise you can write your goal, the simpler it will be to find out what are the things that you want to achieve.

. Measurable: Do you have any plan to measure your success? For example, how are you going to double the number of your Twitter followers?

. Attainable: Is the goal attainable? Is it really possible to double the number of your Twitter followers?

. Relevant: Relevant social media objectives are aligned carefully to your business objectives. Does the goal which you have set support the objective, values and vision of your business?

. Time specific: Fix a deadline for your goal. Like for instance, double the number of Twitter followers in a span of 3 months.

In simple words, if you want to make your digital marketing strategy journey smoother, your business must:

. Know how to create and set strategic goals that are easy to measure
. Be committed to creating excellent social media content

Leveraging social media is not rocket science. It produces results if it goes along with the current digital marketing strategy of the business. Therefore, it is said that while conducting a social media marketing campaign, you must focus on:

1) Your target audience
2) The creative aspect of posting the content
3) Strong attention to detail
4) The right level of data crunching
5) Business’s long-term vision

In order to make social media work for your business, you must create a strong social media goals for your brand.

1) Know your main objective:

Your social media objective is linked with your social media objectives, but it is not the same. Your main objective provides direction to your social media marketing and clarity on what to attain. It comes much before your objectives.

It does not matter what type of business you are having, understanding your objective plays a vital role. Whether it is to grow your revenue numbers through online marketing or social media or get more traffic through search engines, you must be clear on what to focus on and find the steps that will help you to attain your goals.

Once the objective is fixed, you will use your social media objectives as a roadmap to attain them. While your goal is wide, your social media objectives deal with specifics. They are regarding those details that finally leads to success.

The bottom line is you must determine your goal or else your goal setting will be out of focus.

2) Conduct a social media audit:

One of the most significant tasks that you must take care of, even prior to setting up social media goals is to create a baseline target. Or else your social media marketing will not produce effective results. By doing a proper social media audit, you will not only attain baseline targets but also make sure that each objective you set is laser-targeted.

So, do you know what a social media audit is?

“Social media audit is an examination of social channels that represent your company-including both the profiled owned by businesses and imposter accounts”, says HubSpot.

You may be concentrating on social media marketing, but is it producing effective results as it should be? This is the point of time when a social media audit comes into play. Conducting an audit will help you to know how well you are doing in terms of total ROI.

Without conducting a proper audit, you would not find the areas on which you need to focus more. Instead of wasting your time in something else, focus on improving those things which need improvement. In short, with a social media audit, you will get a better idea about the current social media presence of your business and the areas you must focus on.

3) Set your Social Media objectives and key results:

Setting up objectives and key results help in adding depth to your objectives. The main objective that we discussed previously is different from setting up objectives and key results.

These are individual objectives where we focus on key results. So, the one which we discussed previously was about setting things on a macro level, setting objectives and key results are all about micro. Following the OKR’s method not only brings you closer to your goal, but it motivates the team also as they can see the progress.

4) Measure the right metrics:

Measuring the right metrics is very important for accomplishing social media goals as you will be aware of things that are giving good results and about those things that are having a negative effect. When you analyze the metrics like followers, shares, likes etc. you can understand whether you are moving forward or not. You will know whether your audience is connected to your social media activities or not.

Social media metrics act as yardsticks that help in measuring the effectiveness of your content. Because if the content is great, your target audience will connect to it. They will show their support by liking and sharing it, which ultimately will take your social media marketing effort to the next level. However, you must connect these social media metrics to your business objectives, without avoiding the current social media trends.

5) Create a social media content strategy:

To accomplish your social media goals, it is important that you not only inform your audience about your business but impress your followers and fans too. Now how to do that?

You must give them what they are looking for in terms of content. If your content is not useful or helpful to them then, they will not be attracted towards it.

Your objective is to attract more and people not just to visit your WordPress site, but to read and share the content within their social media circle. You want to be unique on the social media platform of your choice. This is only possible when your content matches with the interests of your target audience.

For example, you have a boutique selling ladies clothes. You can make your staff wear those clothes and pose. Posting these photos by using free themes will make your content look authentic and at the same time, your audience will be updated about the latest trends too.

While planning a social media content strategy, try to think out of the box and find out how can your content help your readers. Do not forget the purpose of having a social media content strategy. It is to make people take some action.

Whether it is by visiting your website and signing up your blog or buying your products or services. So, always include a strong call-to-action message in every post you make.

If you have not set goals, then you should follow the above-mentioned tips and get started.

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