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What is Search Ads 360

Handling different search ad campaigns simultaneously can be a challenging task for advertisers and agencies.

What is even more challenging is handling search marketing campaigns across various platforms and media channels. This is where you will understand the benefits of using Search Ads 360.

What is Search Ads 360?

Search Ads 360, also known as DoubleClick Search is an advanced search management platform that lets brands to access several ad accounts and campaigns across different search engines with an integrated interface.

The 360 platform is natively integrated with the Google Marketing Platform, which allows advertisers to manage and track campaigns seamlessly from a single place.

One of the biggest benefits of using Search Ads 360 is advertisers can manage search marketing campaigns across the globe, around Google Ads, Yahoo, and Microsoft Advertising! Sponsored products, Yahoo Gemini, Baidu, and different media channels.

The platform offers advertisers access to a simplified workflow and powerful reporting features that effectively run campaigns, while the automated bidding of the platform enhances campaign performance.

How does Search Ads 360 work?

This platform follows an agency form, i.e. You can handle several advertising accounts under one network.

Every individual advertising account has its own consortium of paid search engine accounts and search campaigns.

Like marketing agencies that maintain various teams to handle search and social media marketing for different brands, Search Ads 360 lets you handle several advertisers under one agency network.

Each of these marketers consists of its own group of campaigns and engine accounts, in addition to its own set of users who can see the reports and edit the settings.

Search Ads 360 uses direct API connections to swap varieties of information like keywords, campaign settings, and ads with the below-mentioned search engines:

  • Microsoft Advertising
  • Google Ads
  • Yahoo! Gemini
  • Baidu

This platform gets data directly from these search engines, incorporates it, and presents it in a single user-friendly interface.

The 360 platform and search engines enjoy two-way sync.

That is because after you have connected the platform with a search engine, you can develop and manage search marketing campaigns in the platform.

Those are then applied automatically to each engine.

Similarly, you can make alterations directly to the search engines and sync them into the dashboard of Search Ads 360.

To keep a track of performance metrics for single ads, keywords, and other items, Search Ads 360 uses its own tracking URL is known as the “click server URL.”

How a search engine cooperates with the click server URL mainly depends on its aid of parallel tracking.

For search engines that do not use comparable tracking, the platform makes use of URL redirection to fill in the performance metrics.

URL redirection sends a click to one or more vendors/service before taking it to the online page.

The vendor/service can add information to the URL, or it may use the info in the URL for tracking activities:

Various Components of the Search Ads 360

The Search Ads 360 platforms comprises of three components

Campaigns- There are several types of campaigns available within the platform, like:

  • Manual campaigns
  • Smart shopping campaigns
  • Universal app campaigns,
  • Shopping campaigns

You can build new campaigns from within the platform, but you can import present campaigns from search engines by synchronizing them with Search Ads 360.

Bid Strategies- You can optimize your marketing spend across the list of supported search engine accounts.

This platform focuses on increasing search campaign performance across the various engines with automated strategies.

For instance, Smart Bidding finds the optimal bids for increasing the number of conversions on your site at the targeted CPA, efficient revenue share, or return on marketing spend.

Reporting- Track search ad performance around bid strategies, search engines, and campaigns.

With floodlights tags to maintain a record of conversions, you can check activity on your site, along with various reporting features for adding conversion data to your reports:

Search Ads 360 includes several search engines and syncs with various platforms that deliver a unified and integrated search ad experience to the advertisers.

Video and Display 360 is a similar platform; however, it just focuses on video and display campaigns.

Why agencies and advertisers need Search Ads 360

By ignoring Search Ads 360, marketers and agencies must handle their ads and keywords on each search engine individually.

This makes it unnecessarily tricky to analyze your keyword and ad performance across search engines.

What’s more, the platform provides access to automated bidding strategies, which helps in saving time, lessens complexity, and empower you to make great decisions while improving your ROI for search engine marketing.

Benefits of Using Search Ads 360

Let us find out how advertisers and agencies attain benefit by using Search Ads 360

Use relevant keywords and ads across search engines- You can use Search Ads 360 campaigns to traffic keywords and ads on all the supported search engines.

The keywords and ads in a Search Ads 360 campaign are plotted to a similar object on the search engine through a direct API connection.

So, when a user enters one of your selected keywords on the search engine, an ad from the campaign may start appearing in the search engine results.

The ad position on the search engine is based on the keyword bid.

You can set this bid, along with several other properties, directly through the dashboard of Search Ads 360.

Use optimized bid strategies- This is one of the key benefits of using Search Ads 360.

You can optimize your advertising expenditure across the supported search engine accounts.

This platform tracks the performance of product groups and keywords, and adjusts the bid to attain:

  • The highest revenue
  • The highest number of conversions
  • The perfect ad positions
  • The highest number of clicks that your campaign budgets permit

Based on the search engine, the bid strategies of the platform also set or suggest bid adjustments for your mobile devices, targets, and Remarketing targets.

There is no need for you to manually set bids or bid adjustments in response to the adjustments in your campaigns, just pre-set the process with Search Ads 360 bid strategy.

Keep a watch on keyword and ad performance- This platform helps you analyze the performance of your campaign’s keywords and campaigns directly from the Campaigns tab in the dashboard of Search Ads 360.

In the tab, you can find a snapshot of the performance of your bid, and even view how your keywords/ads are working for any given metric, like total cost, clicks, and conversion percentage.

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider using Search Ads 360.

1.Handle several search engine accounts from a single interface– No more wasting your time in switching interfaces.

Find all the data from your Bing, Google, Yahoo accounts, and Baidu, and much more in one single place.

Search Ads 360 provides a simple way to optimize and report on accounts and manage them from one single interface.

There is no need to copy and import manually to individual campaigns.

With Search Ads 360, you can save your time by adding in negatives, making bid adjustments, and automating bid strategies to all the search campaigns.

You will have plenty of time to focus on strategic changes.

Search Ads 360 is perfect for international campaigns that use different engines, thanks to the multi-platform Search Ads dashboard.

It collects all your information in a single place. This way, you can save your time and avoid any kind of error while comparing data.

2.Realtime executive reporting- This is positive for both advertisers and clients.

These automated reports can be sent out with a frequency you decide which will save companies a lot of time.

You can design them to be and even offer cross-engine reports.

No more depending on Excel to compile Google & Bing data.

It is also easy to alter and adapt the info in these reports.

Executive reports update automatically, examining the data from all search engines connected to Search Ads 360.

With this real-time reporting, both the advertiser and the customer can stay up to date with what is going on whenever they select.

They are simple to create, intuitive, and you can even import data from an external source to include in your reports if required.

They are also easy for clients to understand the data.

PPC is everything about numbers and it might not speak to everyone the way it speaks to the experts.

Simple reporting is totally invaluable to a client.

3. Automated bidding strategies – Search Ads 360 uses some of the best algorithms to help automatically make bid changes depending on who they think is most likely going to transform.

By using customizable “bid strategies”, Search Ads 360 can alter bids across 10,000 keywords, several times a day, something a human at a desk could never do!

Some of the several kinds of bids strategies you can implement by collecting your keywords into a certain group based on their performance include conversion strategy, positional strategy, and more advanced bid strategies that you want to meet a variety of various criteria.

The opportunities are immense.

For instance, if you want some of your best-performing keywords to be in a high position, you can put them into a certain group and set a rule to make automatic bid adjustments.

Ensure these keywords rank between 1.2 and 1.6.

This automation can be performed across search engines if you are going for a worldwide strategy or to each search engine if you want to provide a more granular approach for every go.

  1. Ad copy testing function- Thanks to the experiment tool found in Search Ads 360, A/B ad testing is easy and fast.

You can house all present ad copy testing across various engines, all under one roof!

You can even fix the start and end dates for the ad copy tests.

You can test headlines, click-through rates, and a wide range of various things and report on these numbers at the same time within the Search Ads 360 platforms.

Any outside contributing factor that may affect the results is being taken into account by Search Ads 360, which begins these tests on a one-to-one ratio, so ads are getting a similar kind of visibility.

The data collected through these tests is clear to understand and analyze, letting the users think more about the strategic changes to make without wasting time in analyzing the performance of each ad across all the accounts.

This feature will save the money of both advertisers and clients.

2. Labels- Labels are one of the best ways to note changes and keep a track of your account performance.

They help in keeping each layer of an account, well organized, it lets you highlight potential issues that you want to solve, areas where you are checking, arrange your ad copy, and set rules based on the labels.

You can also maintain a track of when the budgets were updated and have a look at it later.

The label inheritance feature lets you label a campaign and Search Ads 360 will apply this label to the keywords and ad groups within.

Making proper use of this label feature is important to help manage, optimize, and report on your accounts efficiently on a regular basis.

Manage Search Campaigns better with Search Ads 360

Search Ads 360 has all the important features that you need to deliver faster insights, enhanced collaboration, and improved results, you can handle your paid search activity across different search engines, campaigns, and accounts- all in a single place.

Helping you run stress-free, hassle-free, and organized campaigns concurrently is one of the major benefits of using Search Ads 360.

The automated bidding and advanced reporting features of this platform help agency as well as advertisers, to manage their search campaigns more efficiently.

It also helps them see a positive ROI across different search engines.

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