Which Is The Best Time To Post On Facebook?

Is there really a “right time” in a day to post on Facebook?

If so, what is the best time to post on Facebook? Of course, when your audience is present.
Finding the best time to post on social media can increase your reach, engagement, sales, and create brand awareness.

There may not be an absolute time or a certain day in a week that can assure you more shares, likes, and comments, but there are certain trends that will help you to find the best days and time when your posts will be seen.

Understanding when your fans and friends are present on Facebook is just a beginning, but it is not enough if you want maximum engagement. Here are a few things that you must consider while deciding the specific times when you want to post on Facebook.

Here, we have discussed how to find the right time that will work best both for your customers and brand. It is not a secret that Facebook has not made it simple to reach your audience.

However, it remains to be the most powerful social media platform for marketing a business.


First, Facebook followers are ready to engage, and users leave about 5 billion comments on several Facebook Pages each month.

They daily-spend about half an hour on a regular basis.  And it is not simply for social reasons.

Studies have found that nearly 52% of the consumers had found a new product on Facebook and were interested in purchasing. This is great news for all the brands. Fans are there, they are engaging, and they are always open to finding new businesses. However, to reach them, there are certain things that you must uncover while they are using Facebook.

First, you must know who your target audience is

Before you plan to schedule a post on social media, you must know to whom you are talking to.
So, better to start with the basics and define your target audience.

· What is their age, gender, demographics?
· What is their source of income?
· Where do they live?
· What is their highest level of education?

By answering these questions and developing a full buyer persona, you will understand your audience, and even when they may be most likely to use Facebook.

For instance, if your target audience is students studying in college, you must be knowing that they operate on a different schedule when compared to middle-aged businessmen and can start to schedule your posts based on that.

How do time zones affect the best time to post on Facebook?

It sounds so simple, isn’t it? Some scientific research and a few industry standards will help you out. Until and unless you take criteria like time zones into consideration, not to mention various countries.

The bad news is it is almost impossible to account for all these factors. If you tried doing so, you will end up sending the same Facebook post multiple times in a day- and quickly, the number of audiences will decrease.

Instead, we depend on a few industry standards.

You will want to schedule your posts consisting of photos and videos or blog etc. based on the place where there is a greater number of people, and if you cater to audiences on a global level then, Google Analytics will help you in this regard.

What do the statistics say about the right time to post on Facebook?

This is nothing new. Since years, brands have been researching the best time to post on social networking sites. So, what do we know about Facebook?

First, findings vary as per different social media marketing tools.

According to Kissmetrics, the best time to post is Saturday noon, whereas Hootsuite reports that the best time to post is Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday between 12 to 3 pm.
Another social media platform, CoSchedule conducted various studies and concluded that Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are the days when we can experience the highest engagement.

Apart from this, this platform reports that posts at 3 pm attract maximum clicks, while posts at 1 pm get the maximum engagement. By getting the available information, we can make certain assumptions like mainly, afternoons are perfect, and Tuesday’s do not produce similar results as other days do.

Save your best posts for Thursday to Sunday and expect low engagement rates by mid-week.

Finally, these results must serve as a basic guideline and a starting off point for those businesses that are new to Facebook; but to attain the most accurate results, you must conduct a little bit of research by yourself.

As far as frequency is considered, you don’t have to think about sending repeated updates with Facebook. Try to experiment with the times to tweet mentioned above, as well as try to experiment with different timings. With time, you will find out the right time to produce outstanding results in social media.

a. Use different tools for tracking the best time to post on Facebook
b. Regarding account optimization, analytics is the best option

Once you start posting consistently, you will be able to understand from your own analytics to find where your audience is maximum engaged and active.

One of the best places to start is Facebook Insights.

1) In order to find your page insights, you must go to your profile and click the insights present at the top of your Facebook page.
2) In order to track when are your fans or followers present online, you must select posts from the left side. You will automatically get a detailed chart that will display the day and time when your fans are most active on Facebook.
3) It will show the average number. You can hover your mouse over it and compare the numbers with other days.

From this data, you can get an idea on the best time slots when you can attract large numbers of fans.

The insights will also show you the timing of your successful posts. You must start in the same place- posts section of the page insights- and select “All Posts” published below the chart.
The published column will inform you about the exact time and date when each post was published. By utilizing this data, you can sort out and start to recognize and common trends or themes regarding the publishing times and maximum engagement rates.

Once you start getting a clearer picture of when your followers are online and how is it correlated with your post, you can start testing your theories. One of the effective ways to begin is by using an automation tool.

Schedule your posts by using social media automation

Now, you can post all the updates about yourself. As for timing and scheduling, the posts are so important for engagement, reduce the pressure by loading your updates to an automation platform. Once the account is created and connected with your social media accounts, next, create various categories for your posts and place your content.

There, you can use the schedule settings to select the exact day and time when you want your posts to run. This way, you can line up all your posts so that all can run on a fixed schedule- and continue doing so on those days too when you have a shortage of time to update.

What about Facebook ads?

Facebook ads are one of the effective ways to reach your target audience. Considering how hard it is for the businesses to find success on several organic posts, running Facebook ads can be the best way for achieving success.

As per Facebook, the cheapest days to run ads are Monday and Sunday. These days experience the lowest cost per click, whereas Friday’s receive the highest. However, it does not mean that just as they are the cheapest days, they are the best for your brand. Facebook clicks cost the most as it is a popular day, which signifies the potential for attracting more traffic from your ads.

Based on your budget, you will want to run tests and experiments for finding which days are the most valuable.

Keep in mind, there might not be one best time to post on Facebook.

Despite all the data in the world, it is impossible to draw any kind of definite conclusions.
With nearly 2.07 active users every month, Facebook has more users when compared to other social media platforms.

It is both a curse and a blessing. At least some part of your audience will be there. So, this is the reason why nowadays every business trying to focus on them.

An increase in competition means less exposure for your company. As per the aggregation of studies, the best time to post on Facebook for gaining maximum exposure is:

1. Saturday & Sunday between 12 and 1 PM
2. Thursday & Friday between 1 and 4 PM
3. Wednesday @ 2 PM

In general, the best time to post on Facebook for attracting maximum exposure is-

a. 1 PM
b. 3 PM
c. 8 AM

The thumb rule is that posts published during those times get higher engagement. This signifies that Facebook algorithm will provide them greater exposure.

So, which is the right time to post on Facebook? There is no fixed answer to this question.

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