Course Description

As a digital marketer one needs to understand the behavour of the consumers to plan the digital marketing campaigns effectively. Appropriate use of pixels play an important role in analyzing the same. This is a part of user behavior analytics. Learn to use different tools to track user behavior and design effective fresh digital marketing campaigns and retargeting campaigns. Learn how pixels work and effectively use pixels to track your user behavior.


  • User Behavior
  • Overview of Marketing
  • User Tracking
  • Pixel Types & Tracking- All About Pixel
  • Google Tag Manager


  1. Over 37 lectures and 55.5 hours of content!
  2. Live project end to end software testing training Included.
  3. Learn Software Testing and Automation basics from a professional trainer from your own desk.
  4. Information packed practical training starting from basics to advanced testing techniques.
  5. Best suitable for beginners to advanced level users and who learn faster when demonstrated.
  6. Course content designed by considering current software testing technology and the job market.
  7. Practical assignments at the end of every session.
  8. Practical learning experience with live project work and examples.
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