* Classroom Training

  • State-of-the-art infrastructure as a part of the corporate office of Streamlyn Media
  • Maximum 5 participants in a batch
  • Corporate environment
  • No compromise on social distancing and hygiene.
  • Interaction with digital marketers, website developers, Ad Designers
  • 80:20 practical to theory ratio
  • Weekday classes conducted 5 days a week, 2 hours of class per day
  • Weekend classes conducted on Saturday and Sunday, 4 hours classes per day
  • Individual attention help participants learn concepts in their own way.

* Virtual Classroom training

  • Seamless training through Google Meet
  • Well-trained trainer
  • Participants need not travel to the education center
  • Classes are conducted live as per schedule like the classroom sessions
  • Maximum 4 participants in a batch
  • Individual attention to each participant through screen sharing
  • No pre-recorded videos and contents
  • Each participant must have proper internet connectivity at their place

* Comparison between Classroom and Virtual Classroom mode of trainings:

Key Factors Classroom Mode Virtual Classroom Mode
Full course offered as per participants enrollment
Live Classroom Sessions conducted
Course Materials provided to all participants
Special Training provided to the trainer to conduct online training
Individual attention to each participant
80:20 Practical: Theory ratio
Pre-recorded videos & contents
Use of video conferencing software
Maximum number of participants in a batch 5 4
Candidate to attend classes in the education centre
Good Internet connectivity at the expense of the candidate
Placement and Internship as per the course guidelines
Training on presentation skills, communication skills and other placement related topics
Participant must be physically present in the location of the training institute

How Online Courses are different from Virtual Classroom Courses?

There are certain differences between traditional online training and training through virtual classrooms.

  • Virtual Classroom Trainings are like normal classroom trainings but in online courses, there are pre-recorded videos and text materials available on the site. A participant learns the subject by reading the text materials and watching the videos.
  • The effectiveness of online training is totally dependent on the participant as no trainers are available live. In case of doubts or clarifications, participants need to mail the query to the concerned authority and the clarification will be sent over the mail itself. The time to clarify doubts may vary from hours to days in many cases.
  • Research has shown that only 20% of the total enrolled participants in online courses globally, complete the course. Rest 80% become drop-outs due to lack of interest in self-study.
  • The aim of learning technology like Digital Marketing is job & career oriented. Participants require strong placement support after the completion of the course. In online courses, placement support is not provided in most of the cases. Even if they are provided, they are normally not up-to the mark.

* Enrollment in batches

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